What does exterior design mean?

The process of designing the exterior of a building is known as exterior design. It includes the facade covering, roof, and foundation. Bricks and blocks, cladding, exterior panels, exterior wall coating and materials, facades, precast concrete, rendering, retaining walls, and so on are examples of exterior wall materials.

Why the exterior design of your property is important ?

If you believe that first impressions last forever, you will understand why your exterior design is important. All of a home's exterior elements should be designed in a way that complements the interior style. More importantly, it should maximize functionality and usability to ensure that you get the most out of your land as a whole, not just the house that sits on it. It includes designing your facade, pool, landscape with a fence, entrance, and your building.

How do you choose an exterior design?

Choosing the right material and features can be difficult, so follow these simple steps to transform your exterior into an eye-catching design. 1- Check the neighborhood. 2- Select a design that matches your interior. 3- Don’t forget to check the weather. 4- Consult a design firm. 5- Set a budget.

First unity

Unity is the fundamental principle of gathering design principles and elements in one place and allowing them to work in harmony as if they were one element.

Second, scale and balance.

It is the relationship between the size of the decorative accessories on the building and how to use them properly.

Third, balance.

It's all about coordinating and arranging the items in a specific way with the space to create a sense of comfort and encourage active participation in the activities.

MatsMall experts recommend the GRC material for exterior facade designs due to its resistance to any weather conditions and durability. In addition to its ease of molding, which allows exterior designers to create the best and most luxurious designs.

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The Top 10 Shapes of Swimming Pool designs.

Before you start designing a pool, you need to know what types of pools are available. The shape you choose will affect how your garden will look after flowers and trees have been added.

Here are our top pool designs:
" Oval pool - Rectangle pool - L shape pool - Geometric pool - Custom pool - Circular pool

Pro-tip: before choosing a pool design you must consider your budget and your garden size.

How are you going to light up the building's exterior?

A facade can be lightened in three ways:

Floor Spots
Wall Lights
Ceiling Spots

Your external design will look more attractive and accessible at night if you choose the right lighting for your facade.

Most used colors for villa exterior

Colors have the power to make or ruin an exterior design. In this post, we've created a list of the most commonly used colors to assist you in making your decision.

Light Gray
Dark Gray
Blue - Gray
Pale Blue
Mint Green
Warm Brown

Exterior design is just as important as interior design, as we mentioned before in this article. Professional exterior designers are available at MatsMall to assist you in selecting and achieving your exterior goals.