11 Tips form Experts to Get Best Modern Villa Facades Design

If you want to get your dream house, you have to be careful about front house design to reflect sophistication and high taste of the house, so you should be careful when choosing the front of the house to get your dream house in the UAE that combines sophistication and simplicity, where the facades of modern or style buildings leave the first impression on visitors The first impression lasts.

We will show you the most important tips that you must follow to get a distinctive exterior facade and the most important basics that you must take inconsideration when you are choosing the facades of modern villas in particular, and what you should consider when choosing the facades of classic villas.


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What are the basics that you should follow when you are designing the facades for modern villas?

The facades of modern buildings or villas need a lot of effort and work to get the desired result.

  • Interest in drawing a 3D villa plan or company to imagine the final look of modern or classic villa designs.
  • The building should be characterized by simplicity in interior and exterior design, as it is the tool that makes the design distinctive, but also due to the customer’s desire.
  • Don’t try to fix design flaws with decorations and colors to avoid unacceptable decor.
  • Try to be in line with the shape of the building and reflect the good taste and the building from the inside.
  • Choose materials very carefully, roof shape and external facades in line with the constant weather in the place, for example rain, so European residents resort to choosing sloping roofs to protect homes from rain.

Colors in the design of the facade of buildings, villas or companies

  • Choosing colors is one of the most important elements as it is considered the most attractive feature of the building.
  • Colors are classified into warm and cool colors, each of which has an impact on a person’s life.
  • When choosing the right and appropriate colors, they can create an optical illusion like feeling the space is larger than the actual space for example, small villa facades, and one-floor villas facades.
  • Colors can affect people’s inner feelings, they can give him a feeling of comfort or discomfort.
  • When the three primary colors red, yellow and blue are mixed, many secondary colors can be produced.
  • Light colors are the best colors that match perfectly modern home facades 2020, 2019, 2021 and 2022.

Therefore, you have to think carefully which colors you will choose according to the importance of color impact on the inner feeling of the person, you can choose between many villa facades, houses and companies designed by MatsMall.

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What are the most important factors that affect the building shape?

Is the facade affected by the building shape types?

The facade is affected by the building shape types, where the lines of the facade of your house or company must fit together to reflect the general building shape and the initial design. the previous year, the current year, or the next year.

Front Garage:

The building shape is affected by front garage presence or not. It must be taken into account when you are designing the facade of modern villas to add special decorative touches that add a distinctive and elegant aesthetic to the place, such as lighting.

Determine the space for the entrance:

The building shape is affected by defining entrance space, so it should be distinctive and decorated with lights to be attractive.

The basic element of the building:

The building basic element must be distinguished but what is the basic element? The main building element can be a staircase that combines the floors of the villa with the main internal entrance, but it is not required, the internal stairs can be sufficient for the villa.

تصميم واجهات بدبي

But does the shape of the building differ in terms of the nature of work in the place and country?

Building facades are affected by the building purpose. For example, modern buildings facades can be inspired by the building work nature.
It also varies according to the country, as it reflects the culture of the country, for example, the Gulf villas facades, Saudi villas facades, especially Riyadh villas facades, compared to Europe villas facades, America and India.

What are the most popular types of style/model?

  • Arabic style / Islamic style
  • modern style
  • Classic style
  • Neo classic style
  • European style

The Arabic or Islamic style is characterized by ornate exteriors and famous Islamic decorative elements for grandiose building facades. The modern style is also characterized by simplicity, building systems, and the use of decorative elements like stainless and iron to create simple and elegant modern home facades.
The classic style is characterized by heritage and ancient form to give you the feeling of antiquity and luxury.
The neo-classical style is a style that combines the luxury of classic and modern simplicity.
European style, this style is characterized by sloping roofs to protect the house from rain according to Europe’s cold and rainy weather.

تصميم واجهات بدبي

What are the types of building facades?

  • stone facades
  • concrete
  • wooden
  • bricks
  • Facades covered with plastic or cement paints
  • Ceramic
  • marble facades

Does the facade of the building have functions?

The spaces affect the design of the facades of modern villas, small and large, because each space has different design considerations, so you find spaces that need strong natural lighting and spaces that need indirect lighting, so on

The building design must be in a manner consistent with the function, so the building is designed from the inside out, so the process of designing the modern villas facades needs interconnected relationships between them and the horizontal projection that crosses About it through integrated work that must also be in line with the surrounding atmosphere

11 tips when designing the facades of modern villas in the UAE?

  1. You have to specify the villa spaces from the outside, for example, is there a place for the garage in the facade of a modern villa or not.
  2. You have to specify the places where the lights are distributed to reflect an aesthetic shape and add a wonderful upscale touch.
  3. Determining the height of the windows and doors on the front and back facades of your house so that it does not affect the villa exterior, taking into account person sitting inside the house to be able to see outside like garden view while lying on the bed, sofa or chairs
  4. All windows of the villa on the same floor must be on the same vertical lines and connected together.
  5. Consistency, interconnectedness and symmetry between the exterior villa to obtain the design to get the most luxurious modern villas facades in the UAE, to feel cohesion and balance.
  6. The use of color lights in finishing facades especially modern homes in hot places is the best choice as they lead to heat expulsion.
  7. Dark colors are endothermic, so you should avoid them in hot places, as they cause an inconvenient feeling when are looking at them.
  8. Taking into account the insulation of the eastern and western walls to reduce the intensity of heat, it is possible to make thick walls consisting of two layers of insulation.
  9. Use heat insulating white refractory bricks in hot places to help cool the air a bit.
  10. If your house has a wonderful outdoor garden with stunning views, use heat-resistant glass to avoid sunlight and enjoy the beautiful nature.
  11. You can use the stone in designing the modern villa facades, which are very beautiful and sophisticated.

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