Your guide to get the best modern villa design in Dubai

Your guide to get the best interior and exterior villa design in Dubai
تصميم فيلا بدبي
تصميم مجالس فيلا بدبي
تصميم فيلا بالامارات
Your dream modern villa design
تصميمات غرف طعام مودرن
تصميمات غرف طعام مودرن
تصميمات غرف طعام مودرن
تصميمات غرف سفرة مودرن
Your favorite modern villa design 
تصميم غرف اطفال مودرن
تصميم غرف اطفال مودرن
تصميم غرف اطفال مودرن
Best Design Modern Villa
تصميم غرف نوم مودرن بدبي
تصميم غرف نوم مودرن بدبي
تصميم مداخل لفيلات مودرن بدبي
تصميم مداخل لفيلات مودرن بدبي
Best modern architecture villa design
تصميمات مجالس كلاسيك
تصميمات مجالس كلاسيك
Classic luxury villa design
غرف نوم مودرن
غرف نوم مودرن
غرف نوم مودرن
Modern bedroom designs in Dubai
تصميمات غرف طعام مودرن
تصميمات غرف طعام مودرن
تصميمات غرف طعام مودرن
Best interior dining rooms decoration
تصميمات غرف سينما منزلية
تصميمات غرف سينما منزلية
تصميمات غرف سينما منزلية
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Common questions to design luxury villa deigns:- 

How to get your dream villa interior design?

Everyone dreams of owning a villa, but building your dream villa house design may be a challenging experience; you should think twice about it, and perhaps consult with a professional before executing the designs.

How to choose your favorite design type

Have you ever seen a villa design that stuck with you right away? Perhaps in a television show or a magazine.

Choosing and establishing a design for the villa is the type of decision you should think twice about; perhaps you can consult a designer if this style will suit the dimensions of your villa.

Choosing a preferred design will make the remodeling or designing process much easier for the interior designer you will hire.

What is the difference between Design types ?

Modern design: The modern villa exterior design and interior are based on the use of simpler colors.

The furniture is quiet and free of distracting materials. Metal, glass, and steel can all work well in contemporary design.

Contemporary design:

The term “contemporary” refers to what is going on in the world of design right now. It is distinguished by its simplicity, subtle sophistication, intentional use of texture, and clean lines.

Classic design:

The classic design is timeless and authentic. It has an organized and balanced appearance, as well as luxurious accessories. Popular fabrics include those with texture and subtle patterns, as well as stripes mixed with block colors.

New Classic Villa Design:

When you choose modern classic villa design you have to consider the basic colors like beige, black, silver, white, and blue-gray are very common in this style, and accessories are used without exaggeration, such as a painting on the wall or a flower vase or the use of some geometric patterns.

Luxury designs:

Luxury design is an expression of self as much as it is a style or comfort exercise. Luxury interior designers encourage their clients to incorporate aspects of their personalities into the design, which can be mixed with modern or classic elements.

how to make sure it is everything you imagined?

How would you ensure that you get the perfect design for your villa after sketching and brainstorming with your designer? Let me explain how:

  • 3D model: you must first ensure that you will receive a 3D model of the design before proceeding, MatsMall offers 3D models of the design before executing anything in your villa, to make sure that everything is perfect as you wish.
  • Company portfolio: The next step is to look through the designer’s portfolio to see previous designs.
  • Customer reviews: Then read people’s reviews to see if he/she meets the deadline or not.
How to get your dream villa design ?
  • Begin with the basics.

First and foremost, begin sketching on paper what is on your mind. Discuss your ideas with a friend or family member. Create a feature list. Sketches will help you and your designer communicate and decide on a design.

  • Consider the future.

Make a plan. How many children do you intend to have? Do you have aging parents or extended family to accommodate holiday gatherings? Will you have to create a home office?

These decisions will assist you in establishing priorities for how you want your villa to look in the future.

  • Look for the right design firm.

Before signing any contract, you should look for the best interior design firm that has created villas in the style you prefer. Examine their portfolio, and if they offer a site visit to a previously designed villa, take advantage of it.

Following these steps to designing your dream home will assist you in making your dreams a reality before you know it.

What Interior design villas consist of?

Before you begin designing, make a list of which rooms must be included in which style. 

You have to be sure about villa planning design.

Do you prefer an open or closed kitchen? Is one bathroom sufficient, or do you require two?

Master Bedroom:

After a long, hectic day, your bedroom is where you rest and recharge, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t feel like a getaway.

Here are some ideas for bedroom design.

  1. Invest in a good bed.
  2. Choose a warm color scheme.
  3. Improve your lighting.
  4. Choose appropriate furniture.
  5. Match your carpets to the color scheme.
The Living Room:

We all want the perfect living room design in which to relax and socialize with family and friends while watching television or playing video games.

What factors contribute to the creation of a perfect living room?

  1. Make a plan for the space.
  2. Invest in a sofa.
  3. Lighting is crucial.
  4. Choose appropriate rugs.
  5. Coffee tables are a must-have item.
  6. Select a personalized decoration.
  7. Have a good time with the pillows.

The kitchen is the beating heart of any home, and parents spend most of their time preparing daily meals. As a result, it should be comfortable, functional, and appealing to the eye.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel or designing a new kitchen, here are some of our previous kitchen interior designs.

Kids Room:

When it comes to designing your child’s room, safety comes first.

Make it a safe and fun environment for your child; consider using vibrant colors on one wall and keeping the rest simple. Your child’s favorite cartoon could be a great source of inspiration for the decor; you could experiment with their preferred colors in rugs, curtains, and bedding.


Do you want one or two bathrooms? Nowadays, most people prefer to have two bathrooms in their homes, especially in villa design.

If you have the space, two bathrooms are ideal; one in the master bedroom and one for the entire family. Alternatively, you could have a guest bathroom and a main bathroom. To learn more about bathroom designs and decor open this link.


Many people want to create valuable and luxurious arabic villa design to get a luxury arabic majlis in their homes to welcome guests. Many people prefer the arabic modern classic villa design to get the perfect arabic majlis that match the entire villa style because it is the traditional place in every home for family gatherings where guests exchange conversations and discussions. Having guests on holidays and special occasions makes us want to constantly refresh our decor.

Home office:

Working from home has become the new norm, as many businesses have decided to relocate their workplace to their homes for safety reasons. Creating a home office is a fantastic way to get work done in a relaxing and encouraging environment.

MatsMall has many home office designs that fit your work needs.

there are other room types that you can add to your villa such as dressing rooms and more…etc.

What is Exterior design?

Villa exterior design is concerned with the design of your outdoor space, how it fits in with the surrounding environment, and how to select the appropriate materials. The exterior design brings your home to life with its exterior appearance, and it ensures that your home is safe and a good place to live.

It includes designing your facade, pool, landscape with fence, entrance, and building.

What to consider when selecting Furniture?

The selection of furniture is an important consideration in the design of villas. Furniture can make or break a room if it isn’t the right size, material, or color combination. When deciding on a design style, whether classic or modern, furniture sizes are critical. The foundation you want to start with is the furniture you choose.

Most important tips regarding The Decor?

The finishing touch is to add decorative items to make each room stand out and appear more appealing. Wall art, craft items, colorful cushions, and matching rugs and curtains are all examples of decor items.

MatsMall guarantees high-quality home designs; if you are looking for an interior and exterior company in Dubai, call us at +971505640902.

For more information, you can check these articles to answer all of your questions about interior designing or exterior for both residential projects or business.

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