Your ultimate guide for landscape and garden designing in Dubai

In this article, we will discover why you should hire MatsMall to design your home gardens and villas, as well as what sets us apart from other external design firms.
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تصميم حدائق
تصميم حدائق
تصميم حدائق
تصميم حدائق
Home garden designs
تصميم حدائق منزلية
تصميم حدائق منزلية
تصميم حدائق منزلية
تصميم حدائق منزلية
تصميم حدائق منزلية
Dubai luxury home garden designs
تصميم حدائق للمساحات الصغيرة والكبيرة
تصميم حدائق للمساحات الصغيرة والكبيرة
تصميم حدائق للمساحات الصغيرة والكبيرة
تصميم حدائق للمساحات الصغيرة والكبيرة
Best design firms in Dubai for house garden decorating
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تصاميم حدائق فاخرة
تصاميم حدائق فاخرة
تصاميم حدائق فاخرة
Luxury home garden design
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حدائق منزلية صغيرة خارجية
Creating one-of-a-kind garden decorations for houses and villas
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تصميم حديقة منزلية وحمام سباحة
تصميم حديقة منزلية وحمام سباحة
تصميم حديقة منزلية وحمام سباحة
The best garden and landscape design businesses in Dubai
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تصميمات حدائق منزلية للفلل والمنازل
تصميمات حدائق منزلية للفلل والمنازل
Garden and landscape design decorations in the UAE
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تصميمات للحدائق المنزلية
تصميمات للحدائق المنزلية
Enjoy the best garden and landscape designs for homes and villas.
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Luxury landscape designs
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تصميمات مجالس خارجية للحدائق
Luxury garden designs

The following are the most frequently asked questions by our customers on how to design home gardens and villas with guidance from design experts in the UAE and Dubai:

Why is it critical to plan home gardens for the property?

Your front yard says things about you! Yards, of whatever size, are crucial in villa design since they are the first thing visitors perceive when they arrive. However, great landscaping demands more than simply a nice lawn.

And it can be a beautiful addition to your life for entertaining, welcoming guests, enjoying the outdoors, and playing with your children; yet, if it is planned incorrectly, it will be difficult to use and maintain, and it will become a burden over time.

What kind of garden do you desire?

If you know what you want from it, the designer will be able to better understand your needs, desires, lifestyle, and budget in order to get the greatest and most attractive shape with ease. MatsMall specialists are keen to satisfy various criteria when planning home gardens, for example, if it is for a family with children, which has completely different requirements than those who have pets, or if they plan to welcome visitors in outdoor gatherings.

What factors should you look over before landscaping your backyard?

Follow these steps to generate a visual representation of how you want it to look. Once you’ve decided on these steps, you’re ready to move on.

Determine the type of garden you want to construct; is it only decorative or do you want to cultivate fruit, for example?
Choose the decor and patterns that best suit the space.
Select the plants you want to grow.
Select the ideal spot for the sun and soil.
Make a budget.

Tips for landscape design in villas and large palaces:

Make good use of the available area.
Make use of artificial grass.
Colorful flower arrangement.
Choose plants that are appropriate for the space.
Make a road out of stones.
Choose your outdoor furniture with consideration.
Choose a pool shape that complements your design.

If you don't have enough space to create an outside garden, consider creating a tiny interior garden.

Design of a little indoor garden
on either side of the house’s entryway
Only on one side of the wall
On a wall
Plants that are little and simple
All of these ideas can be used in your home’s entrance room.Reasons to hire a landscaping business or a garden designer include:Spaces will be well-planned.
Giving and receiving counsel.
Construction administration.
Assuring that the appropriate design is used to fulfill your own garden goals.

The best landscaping design company in UAE

MatsMall, one of the leading interior and landscape design businesses in Dubai, is always dependable. Our company is distinguished by appealing and diverse designs, and we have several ideas for planning and landscaping home gardens, villas, palaces, chalets, courtyards, and rest houses, whether your garden is exterior or interior, for the roof or rooftops. We also offer full design and decoration services online in the Arab and Gulf countries, including Riyadh, Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, Qatar, the Iraqi state, and all over the world. In addition to the implementation services that we offer throughout the Emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Sharjah… and more, we use AutoCAD programs, 3D Max graphics, and other complex tools to ensure that you have the garden you want.

What are the basic elements of villa garden design?

Your lifestyle decides what features you wish to incorporate. Most individuals prefer to have separate areas for different hobbies.

Let’s look at some creative ideas.

Swimming pool in gardens

Swimming in a pool is a personal preference. It is also an important component in residential garden designs.

Here are the top ten pool designs from which to choose:

Oval swimming pool
L-shaped pool

rectangular pool

8 shape swimming pool
Free-form circular pond
Kidney pool

Place your pool with care. If you want it to become a beautiful focal point, place it in a location that can be seen from the major parts of the house. If you like one style over another, such as modern or Greek gardens, your choice of a swimming pool will have a significant impact on the design.

Seating areas

In fine weather, most people prefer to eat their meals outside beneath the stars; an outdoor dining area is a fantastic way to breathe fresh life into your home.

Here are some MatsMall designs for home and garden outside eating settings.

When selecting outdoor family seats for parties and festivities, white furniture that is appropriate for the summer and complements nature and a green hue can be used.

A covered or exposed outdoor dining area. You can integrate fans, lighting, and other aesthetic features by building a pergola above the dining table.

A wooden pergola can be used to shade the benches from the scorching summer heat.

Wall art

They serve as secondary focus points in the garden.  Designable elements can be used in a variety of ways.

Simple designs that mix wood, gardening, and lighting can be used to renew a wall.

Aside from that, you should prioritize your house gardens before beginning to choose your interior decoration.

Some like to decorate the waterfall in a certain spot, but this requires a vast area, such as villas or large gardens.

Garden pathways

walkways are necessary for movement and for keeping plants safe. Keep corridors at least 1.2-2 meters wide for ease of movement.


Water is a highly sought-after landscape element. It is useful because it creates an instant link with nature, improves a simple path design, or separates a space. Fountains are an excellent option if a swimming pool is out of your budget, you don’t have enough room, or you prefer a more unique garden. There are also waterfalls. It is sometimes less expensive and can be tailored to your preferences.

Garden lighting

When planning natural home gardens, lighting is a vital consideration. It improves visibility at night and is a vital safety element.

Throughout, lighting can be employed to accent walkways, water features, plants, and water walls.

Here's a list of most used garden lights

Lights that point in only one direction are referred to as objective lights.
Floodlights: The most effective sort of outdoor landscape lighting for lighting big areas.
Lights can liven up shapes, create patterns on walls, and improve the appearance of your patio.
Step lights: Install step lights on the walls close to the stairs or on the front vertical face.
Garden lights direct light downward and slightly outward. Everyone can obtain a better perspective.
Bollard lights are the only outdoor landscape lighting fixtures that can shine in all directions.
String lights are ideal for illumination between trees and for parties at night.

Experts from MatsMall offer you five suggestions for home garden designs:

Create a stylish fence for the house’s garden walls.
Using wooden furniture and chairs to coordinate and decorate.
A selection of flower pots in various hues.
Imagine a lovely stone-decorated walkway and romantic lights in your backyard patio embellished with stones.
Invest in various types of lighting or whatever suits your style.
Here is a list of subjects to help answer your questions about interior design and décor for your residential, business, or villa project:
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