Various ideas for villa facades in Dubai

As the exterior of your villa is the first thing visitors and neighbors notice when visiting your home, you must pay attention to both the exterior and interior designs to ensure a well-designed home. The exterior design ensures that the house has essential security and a proper aesthetic appeal from the inside. The villas’ exteriors make a good first impression, so pay attention to them.

Learn more about us by exploring a few ideas for one-story villa facades from Matsmall’s experts

تصميم واجهات خارجية

Modern villa facades

For a one-level villa, new classical facades

The combination of contemporary components that perfectly balance elegance and art is a new classic. Regarding this style of decoration, MatsMall interior designers advise that the owners select natural materials and hues.

New-classical external facades are becoming more common in Dubai because they blend the elegance of the classic style with a more adaptable and useful design.

Neoclassical facades with one floor can be designed in a variety of ways that are simple to carry out.

Classic facades for one-level villas

Before choosing the facades of classic villas, consider whether the designs of the neighboring villas fit in with your choice. Deviating from the norm could have a negative effect, especially if the majority of villa exterior designs in the area reflect the region’s antiquity and culture.

Make sure the traditional styles are present both inside and outside the villa’s facade to create a similar villa with a distinctive and appealing appearance. Glass, granite, wood, and stone are some possible building materials.

When selecting the color of exterior wall materials, three things should be taken into account:

  • How simple is it to preserve (keep clean) these colors?
  • Do they match the style of the rest of the house?
  • Do they add to the aesthetic appeal and look good?

Using various tones of one hue to create a layered look or integrating dark and light colors are some of the most well-liked alternatives for exterior decoration and color schemes for homes.

تصميم واجهات بدبي

Villa exterior facades 2023

New-classical and one-story classic villa facades are two examples of creative design ideas for villa facades that you can readily adopt.

تصميم واجهات بدبي

As the distribution of lighting works to show the beauty of the building well at night, the use of appropriate lighting in the exterior design and facades of the villas makes the design more lively and beautiful.

تصميم واجهات بدبي

One of the most popular ideas in Dubai is to use glass and stones in a villa’s exterior because it successfully mixes two different types of construction materials.

تصميمات خارجية

Classic villa facades 2023

Be sure to consult with the interior designers at MatsMall to get the most recent suggestions for creating classic facades in 2023 if you are a fan of the classic style, since there are many classic villa facade designs that you will enjoy.

تصميم واجهات بدبي

Modern villa facades

The New-Classical style, also referred to as “Modern Traditional,” is the ideal fusion of modern and traditional; it is a design that is also known as timeless. This style is characterized by the elegant, simple, and contemporary lines of the modern design style, which are diversified by traditional furniture, finishes, and accessories to make what was “old and old” into “now.”

This design is a successful blend of modern and traditional elements. Neutral hues and straightforward patterns define the new classical aesthetic. Modern classical homes include the ideal balance of warm and cool neutral colors.

You can get classic modern facades with a variety of unique designs, combining classic elegance with modern simplicity.

But stay alert and select the same style while designing your villa facades as your interior designs. If you will go with classic or modern style, implement it in both the interior and exterior to achieve a well-designed villa.

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