Chic New Classic interior designs ideas

New Classic interior design ideas from Matsmall designers to their clients in the UAE.
المجالس والصالات
المجالس والصالات
المجالس والصالات
تصميم ديكورات مجالس في الامارات
New classic majlis designs for your home
المجالس والصالات
غرف طعام بدبي
غرف طعام بدبي
Open area of majlis and dining room  in unique and cheerful design
غرف طعام
غرف طعام
غرفة طعام
غرفة طعام
A dinning room with matching colors of beige and green to make the room extra special.
تصميم ديكورات دريسنج روم
تصميم ديكورات دريسنج روم
تصميم ديكورات دريسنج روم
A dressing room in a new-classical design, with industrial lighting distributed ideally to highlight the room’s elegance.
shot 4
shot 3
shot 2
shot 1
Girl’s bedroom in a new classical style
Using the kitchen area with a one-of-a-kind new-classical design
المجالس والصالات
المجالس والصالات
An attractive majlis style with lovely decorations in a new-classical style.
مكتب كلاسيك
A stylish home office where you can meet with clients.
a unique new classic reception room
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luxury villa entrance design especially for you
What is classic style?

Luxury, large, and heavy classic luxury furniture, many decorations, drawings, and fabrics with luxurious prints, large golden chandeliers encrusted with luxurious crystals, and elegant metal candle holders are characteristics of the classic style. All of this is the polar opposite of what defines the current style.

What is the definition of modern style?

The modern style is distinguished by its design simplicity, delicacy, and refinement, the small size of the furniture, utilization of tiny spaces, complete comfort, freedom of mobility, and practicality, with sharp lines and angles, and the use of metal in decorating and design.

So, what is the new classical style?

The new-classical style blends the best features and advantages of classic design with the best aspects of modern contemporary design. By combining classic and modern interior design elements, you can achieve richness, elegance, simplicity, and functionality. Some refer to it as a modern classic design. It is a fantastic equation for designing anything you want in any way you want. You want a fantastic and unique look in the given space. But what are the foundations for designing, changing, and transforming your home into a pleasant and charming decor?

The key standards to follow if you want a home with new classical décor
Colors are the major driver of the space, so you may bring energy and vitality to the space, or prepare it for a sense of serenity, so choose quiet and basic colors that do not make a lot of noise in the space, such as gray or matte blue, and other colors. Bright patterned pillows and bright wallpaper can be as classic as you choose.

New classic furniture is made of wood with a simple design, and luxurious fabrics are chosen to add a touch of luxurious classic design to the furniture, but remember to choose new classic furniture in sizes commensurate with the existing or available space of the room, as this is one of the features that characterize the modern style, so you can exploit small and medium spaces, but luxuriously and elegantly.
Unlike classic furniture, new classic furniture can be chosen with basic designs and decorations in calm and simple hues. Mirrors, wood, and metal are also used to combine classic and modern decor.


To add an aesthetic look, the rooms are decorated with pottery pots, statues, luxurious vases, and installing simple curtains with simple and light carvings, and the colors of a specific part of the walls are replaced with wallpaper to create a simple variation in the shape of the wall, and some art forms made of gypsum or wood are added as wall panels for walls. To accentuate the classic style and add an elegant and distinctive touch, avoid the opulent chandelier and choose one that may be coordinated with the New Classic style, or as some call it Newclassic.

Mats Mall, the top interior and exterior design firm in the UAE, prefers neutral floors for classic and modern styles so that one does not overpower the other in order to achieve the desired balance. In the New Majlis, wooden floors in soft, peaceful tones are commonly employed, while marble floors are used. Classic, especially in the large spaces when designing the Arab Majlis decorations, and the carpets are chosen in colors that are consistent with the rest of the elements in the room, such as soft colors, or adding a unique and different touch, such as leather for the floors.

The rooms’ balance and contrast
When selecting a classic modern design, keep the balance and consistency of the decorative components and the furnishings in the house or room in mind at all times. It is the main key to achieving a neo-classical interior design, so more than one type of balance can be achieved, whether through the focal point of the room, symmetry by mirroring one end of the room with the other half of the room, or contrast and the presence of an element of decor or furniture such as the sofa in one end of the room and a library on the other side in the same place.
This décor can be designed not only in living rooms, or when designing modern classic boards, or when designing new-classical kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, but you can even have a new-classical outdoor design.

7 stunning new classical decor ideas
  • To lend a classic touch to the dining room, living room, and majlis wall panels,
  • To add a unique touch, put huge cornices on the ceiling.
  • Add crystal chandeliers with intricate decorations to the ceiling.
  • Add two chairs with golden ornamentation and a gorgeous console to the front entryway of the property.
  • Incorporate attractive mirrors into the foyer.
  • By incorporating furniture with sharp angles, you can soften the classic style.
  • One of the walls should have textured wallpaper.

There are also images of the new classic decorations for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

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