Your guide to the interior design basics in Dubai

Do you want to get simple and elegant interior design decorations?
In this article, we will give you the most important tips for obtaining unparalleled interior design decorations, as decoration affects many factors for the success of companies.
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مداخل فلل داخلية فخمة
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مداخل فيلا
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Your guide to the interior design basics in Dubai?
مداخل فيلا داخلية
مداخل فيلا داخلية
مداخل فيلا داخلية
مداخل فيلا
مداخل فلل داخلية فخمة
مداخل فيلا داخلية
مداخل فيلا داخلية
مداخل فيلا داخلية
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Your guide to the interior design basics in Dubai?

Interior design is one of the wide fields and it’s a science that deserves knowledge and attention, even if it is not your field, knowledge of it helps you to be aware of all the details and the best decorations or to renew the decor of your home. Without the need for a professional interior designer in case you want to get a new, distinctive, but not professional decor.

In this article, we will answer frequently asked questions about types of interior design, how you can choose between the best designs for an unmatched interior design, and more.


Interior design is the art of planning and decorating the interior spaces in the house to create a suitable environment for the person to live in. It consists of different technical and planning aspects according to several engineering and geographical factors in addition to the aesthetic and functional aspects as well. A quality of professionalism to ensure you the safety of the building before anything else.

Its implementation in the spaces differs on several things, the most important of which is the special taste of the owner of the building. What distinguishes MatsMall designers from others is their special methods of understanding the special taste of the clients and suggesting many ideas that will be perfect to fit the space he wants to design before implementation and then start the whole process, which makes the designing is easy after agreeing on colors, decorations and the rest of the details.

If you would like a professional opinion or ideas during your journey in renovating home’s decorations, do not hesitate to contact MatsMall experts at +971505640902 to get your free consultation to help you.


There are many styles of interior design, but you should pay attention to all the details. You may want to design what is suitable for you and your lifestyle. You should choose a style that resembles your personality. For example, if you prefer calm, choose a style that makes you feel comfortable and calm, as it is the place where you can relax After a long and hard day.

Learn about the most prominent styles of interior design
  • Classic design

Do you know what was the first country to follow this pattern? The classic design began in France, where it is distinguished by luxury and elegance in the selection of furniture and decorations, in addition to golden color and shades of brown. You can add a touch of black to the interior design, as for the The preferred fabrics in the implementation of the classic style are the fabrics embossed with large drawings such as trees and flowers, the type of fabrics is either cotton or silk.

  • Modern style

modern designs is one of the most widespread designs in the world at the present time, because it is based on the idea of ​​simplicity in implementing the interior decoration of the home or company, and there are no restrictions that prevent you from implementing your desires, you can implement what you want as the modern design fits with Practical life and for those who enjoy a fast and unconventional life, many young people want to have a modern interior design because of its simplicity.
For a modern interior design, you should pay attention to choose neutral and bright colors to suit the space of your small house like small furniture, and the furniture is characterized by simple colors and soft, plain fabrics that make you feel warm.

  • Neo classic design

Neo classic design The neo-classical design is a combination of classic and modern, combining elegance and simplicity at the same time. If you want to adopt this type of design.

  • Scandinavian design

The Scandinavian style relies heavily on artificial lighting, as natural lighting is not always available due to the longer winter and the absence of the sun for a long time, so you find, for example, a large number of lighting units above the dining table to help light the room appropriately and comfortably to the eye.

This style is also based on warm colors that add elegance and calm to the house, and the white color of the walls is adopted with some simple accessories and decorations to obtain complete harmony.

This style is based on specific colors in this design especially that combine gray, white and black.

  • Contemporary style

Some people think that the contemporary style is similar to the modern design, but they are wrong. It relies more on bold colors. It is also characterized by high ceilings and the exploitation of all spaces in the sides by adding some natural plants to make you feel warm and elegant.

  • minimalist design

This is the style preferred by many as it is the most beautiful design that gives you simplicity and elegance at the same time. Japan is characterized by this design as they use very simple furniture and decorations. It just depends on the things you need and dispenses with the things you don’t use which gives the house much more space and it is also suitable if you want to have an interior design for small homes. The main idea is that it helps you to save the largest amount of space while relying on modern and modern pieces of furniture to give you the space you need, and some also prefer to have this style as an interior design for villas.

Do you want to apply one of the previous designs or customize your own interior design program? Get in touch with MatsMall the best interior design company in Dubai to offer you a lot of interior design programs.

?How many types of interior design

There are more than 10 types of interior design, so you can choose what suits you to design your home with, or if you do not know which one suits you, we advise you to go to a specialist and talk to him. Get a free consultation from the designers of Mats Mall when sending a WhatsApp message to the number +971505640902

?What are the types of decoration

There are many types of decor, ranging from classic decor, modern decor, French decor, English decor, transitional decor.

?What is Modern Style

It is one of the most prevalent designs in the world at this time, because it is based on the idea of ​​simplicity in implementing the interior decoration of the house and there are no restrictions. You can implement what we want in this style, as many want to implement the modern as an interior design.

?What is rustic style

It is an old style characterized by simple colors and calm décor, where you can easily implement it by using wood in pastel colors and distributing handmade pieces throughout the house.

Feel comfortable inside your home

Choose the style that suits you to make you feel comfortable inside your home, the designers of MatMall, the most famous interior design company in Dubai, are ready to answer all your inquiries about interior design and its types and all the details that may help you implement the design that you have always dreamed of with ease, do not hesitate to contact us.



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