Most important tips for greek interior design

If you are searching for calmness, the natural colors, shapes, patterns and texture all of them are the main greek key decor characteristics.

Because greek decor is your best choice according to the greek magic touch that reflects amazing sea view, mountains and plants.

According to the natural view that distinguishes the greek interior decor many customers prefer designing their beach cabin with the greek decor style, because greek decor is the best style that achieves the natural balance in line with the sea to complete the natural view in an integrated and wonderful way.

The greek inspired decor started at the beginning of the third century BC, and it has a special and unique character in interior greek decor or exterior. Many people prefer to have gardens designed in a greek style, you can easily distinguish this decor because of its clear principles, simplicity and standard.

This style is so simple of design, so you can get the simplicity and luxury at the same time.

In this article, MatsMall experts will help you with the most important tips to have the perfect greek outdoor decor or interior, in addition to having the inspiration

What are the basics of greek decor?

  • High ceilings
  • Columns
  • Paintings
  • Pastel colors
  • Simple lighting
  • Textiles

High ceilings

It’s one of the most important design features for greek home decor. it increases the overall space of your room by creating the illusion of space and it was very popular at ancient greek home decor.


The greek column decor refers to the greek temples. The interior designers were inspired by the columns and greek statue decor from the greek temples but in different shapes and wonderful decoration to add a luxurious feel.


The style is characterized by the frescoes engraved on and decorated with mosaics to add a unique and distinctive shape to walls and floors.

Mosaic is also used on garden floors to have an amazing garden with the greek design.

Pastel colors

Colors usually range from warm and simple natural colors (white – turquoise – blue – yellow – olive), blue is usually used to paint windows, ceilings and doors, adding blue pillows

Blue is the main color that characterizes the greek style, as well as the green color, it is used also in the interior decoration of the house, such as choosing curtains, bed sheets and doors. The houses are painted white inside and out to emphasize the simplicity of the style and to emphasize the greek style.

Simple lighting

Interior designers usually use antique lighting to add simple touch.


Simple Greek textiles with motifs and it’s usually in blue color.

Important tips and greek decor ideas:

MatsMall, the best decoration company in the UAE offers the most important tips – to have the best interior and exterior design experts – that you should follow to design a greek villa decor or your home. With the general shape of the room, you should not exaggerate the decoration when you are designing greek decor for home, but you must take into consideration the balance between decoration, colors and furniture to achieve the calm.

Usually decorators prefer to choose natural plants, that is, non-plastic in pots designed with simple greek shapes and decorations to emphasize the greek style, as well as pots with distinctive marine decor to decorate the house with flowers.

High ceilings in greek design, usually elongated and decorated with antique and classical decorative shapes on the edges or the presence of columns with distinctive greek decoration or sometimes wooden beams are used in the ceiling. Choose the most simple with a luxury design.

Avoid using wallpaper, interior designers usually do not prefer to use wallpaper, even if it is with a greek ornament to decorate the walls to add a distinctive, antique and elegant look.

Usually interior designers prefer to use marble and greek tiles with warm colors or natural stone, but do not forget to create a balance between the different decorative elements.

Greek bedroom decor

The greek room decor specially bedroom or decorations, whether at your home or in bedrooms in your chalets, by measuring all the furniture in each room to take into consideration the bed slightly higher than the floor, and decorators prefer to follow the most famous greek house designs such as making furniture in a rectangular or round shape especially greek living room decor.

Interior designers also prefer to add simple transparent canopies on the bed to feel free, as the greek style home decor is associated with the presence of the sea, the outdoors, mountains and greenery. The houses are usually surrounded by a Greek garden with bright colors.

Greek kitchen design

The greek pattern and motifs appear strongly when designing the blue-painted kitchen, such as plates, patterned tiles, table towels, patterned curtains, two other colors with white is a combination that is very enough to get a kitchen with greek style decor.

Greek bathroom decor

Pastel colors are the most characteristic of bathroom decorations designed with greek house decor, motifs, frescoes or floors made of mosaics, curtains, adding flowers and last but not least, do not forget to use natural materials such as wood and natural stone.

If you are concerned about how to apply all the previous basics and tips, you can contact MatsMall at +971505640902 to get a free consultation on how to design greek home gardens or design a resort with a spacious garden design in the same style or to design a greek chalet in Riyadh or the Emirates in all its cities such as Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ajman, Bida Zayed, Rak, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and not only that, but all the countries of the Arab world such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and all countries around the world wide or even to get a home garden design in any style you prefer.

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