Why you need to be careful planning your bathroom designs ?

Because they are so crowded with family members all day, having a second one is a terrific idea if you have the space. Because of the limited number of users, en-suite bathrooms are highly convenient if you want to save time and maintain it as sanitary as possible. Washrooms are becoming increasingly luxurious and attractive, and many individuals want to establish their home spa in a functioning bathroom. If you're having trouble deciding on the layout, you can engage an interior designer.

How to plan the best decoration ?

As we mentioned earlier on how to design the perfect bathroom, you need to follow these steps to get your dream decor :- " Set a budget - Create a layout - Select what you want to include - Choose Your preferred style - Invest in lighting - Consider decoration "

How to decorate a small bathroom ?

Do you want to have the best decoration but your space is small, you are out of ideas? Having a small washroom isn't a problem anymore; all you need to do is to pay attention to products, layouts, setups, and decorating accessories.

Avoid Mistakes :

To create the ideal bathroom, you need to pay great attention to every element, even if it seems little. When redesigning or planning a layout from the ground up, people frequently make the same mistakes.

Bathroom decor :

After deciding on the best layout for you and is it considered as a personal bathroom or for multi users, you should think about the decoration. The color palette, storage units, windows, and floors are all examples of important decoration elements. If you're ready to tackle the next step, here are some of the most popular color schemes to consider : "Blue, Mint Green, Warm Neutrals, Earthy Yellow, Basic White " If you can't design yours alone, MatsMall is an Emirate company that will help you achieve the perfect bathroom designs. To Consult our experts now, contact us on +971 50 564 0902


يعد التصميم الكلاسيكي أحد أكثر الانواع التي يتم اختيارها في المنازل الفخمة والفلل الكبيرة لأنه يتماشى مع ديكور المنزل بأكمله، كما يمنح المنزل لمسة من الرقي والفخامة. 

أهم نقاط الواجب توافرها فى الطراز  فى الحمامات الكلاسيك :

استخدام الرخام أو الجرانيت الفاخر

اختيار الألوان الذهبية والأسود 

حوض استحمام وصنابير كلاسيكية 

إضافة مرآة غير عادية

يميل الديكور الكلاسيكي إلى استخدام اللون الأسود واللون الذهبي والبني أو اختيار لون مثل الأبيض ليكون اللون الأساسى بالإضافة إلى استخدام ديكورات معدنية أو خشبية ولكن نادرَا ما يتم تصميم ديكورات حمامات كلاسيك حيث يتجه الكثير لتصميمات حمامات مودرن أو نيو كلاسيك.

Common Questions :- 

What Mistakes do you need to avoid ? 

  • Dubai design experts mentioned few frequent mistakes to avoid as :
  • Buying the wrong shower cabinet.
  • Not taking the right dimensions.
  • Ignoring the placement of the bath tap.
  • Ignoring your budget.
  • A miscalculation in bath measuring.
  • Not planning for enough storage.
  • Not using proper lighting.
  • Forgetting the final decor touch.
  • Choosing the wrong floor.
  • Not asking the experts.

What is the difference in washroom styles ?

Designs have become more luxurious and trendy than ever before, with the option of selecting from a variety of designs and decorations to create a luxurious one.

Learn about the most used designs in the UAE in Bedrooms.

1- The most important features of modern bathrooms:

  • glass shower
  • Single bathtubs
  • Smooth lighting
  • Frameless mirrors

The color scheme in the modern style is : dominated by cool whites, neutrals, and black. Bright colors can be found in accessories such as bath towels and plants.

2- Important features of traditional style:

  • Traditional furniture
  • Ceramic and traditional floors
  • Antique lighting
  • Classic bathtub
  • Simple color wallpaper

Traditional colors : are typically soft and relaxing; subtle neutrals and muted shades of blue and green work well in this kind of decor.

3- The main features of classic design:

  • Use fine marble or granite.
  • Choice of gold and black colors.
  • Classic bathtub and taps.
  • Include a unique mirror.

Classic colors : include black and gold with metallic decor or basic colors such as white.

What can you include in your design ?

To design your dream bathroom, you must first create a proper layout of what you intend to include in the space.

Usually it consists of four components : a sink, a shower, a bathtub, and a toilet.

Some people want to go above and beyond, and they have the space to incorporate more relaxing and functional elements such as a spa bath, a heated towel, a steam shower, or a jacuzzi to elevate their me-time.

What are the top sink or wash basin designs for 2021 ?

There are many types that could be used in the bathroom or even sometimes in halls

  • Full Pedestal Basins
  • Semi Pedestal
  • Wall-mounted
  • Counter-top
  • Table top
  • Inset
  • Wall Hung
  • Washstand
  • Corner
  • Semi Recessed
  • Cloakroom
  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Round

What is the best smart organizers ideas ?

To avoid filling up surfaces with toiletries, extra toilet paper, and fresh towels.

  • Vanity units
  • Wall hang cabinets.
  • Freestanding units

What are shower or bath types ?

  • Clawfoot and pedestal baths
  • Recessed or alcove baths
  • Free standing baths
  • Corner baths
  • Whirlpool baths
  • Shower baths
  • Steel baths

How to decorate or remodel a small bathroom ? 

 Here are some creative ideas :

Create a shower room.

Even if your shower takes up the entire place, you can still make the most of the space. A water-resistant bench for storing your personal items and towels is essential.

Use plants to hide pipes

You can use a plant to divert attention away from the pipes or a drab cupboard.

Choose brighter toilet tiles

The colors and patterns in the ceramic squares instantly brighten and attract attention. Whether it is wall tiles, or floor tiles. From different types “porcelain, ceramic, marble, mosaic, limestone, slate, vinyl, pebble, glass, terracotta”

Choose a bold color

Choosing brighter wallpaper colors is like adding a lively piece of art to your bath at a lower cost.

Invest in a new mirror

Replace your old mirror with a newer, more sophisticated one.

What’s the Difference between Powder Room and Bathroom?

A powder room is considered as a half bathroom or a guest bath. Because it doesn't have all the components of the washroom as it only has two out of four, a toilet and a sink. And you can find it in most homes on the first floor so it is as near as it could be to the guest room.

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