Bathroom designs by MatsMall interior designers for its clients

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, most of the time occupied by one of the family members, so the interior design of the bathroom should makes you feel comfortable and calm.

MatsMall designers are very creative and want to design unique decorations for home bathrooms, they are always trying to design the perfect decor according to your bathroom space and to keep your bathroom trendy for many years. 

See the best bathroom designs in Dubai by MatsMall experts

bathroom design

Modern bathroom design using marble with LED lighting Modern bathroom

Dividing decorative units in your bathroom walls using marble instead of traditional wood units

bathroom design

elegant classic bathroom design


Design a Bathtub in a glass cabinet 

bathroom design

Using black color in your bathroom design with white marble 

black bathroom

Combine white with black in one wall to break the design routine and make it more unique


Using the latest ceramic designs and colors in your bathroom and an electric towel holder make your bathroom very elegant and classy.

One of the most common ceramic colors many people prefer to use is beige color.

Latest mirror designs can change the decoration.


Using wood in interior decoration units.

Classic bathroom design by MatsMall designers. 

If you like one of the previous designs, you can get it in your home, contact the designers of MatsMall now +971505640902




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