Best majlis design tips and ideas by Dubai experts for men and women

How to impress your guests with the best majlis design?

In order to impress your guests with your majlis design, you have to choose the right decor and theme for it. The decor of the majlis has evolved in recent years, as the fashion in the majlis has shifted toward bright colors, modern designs, and simple models. However, the old Arab style is one of the best choices in the Arab world and the Gulf because it evokes elegance and luxury.

What is majlis?

The Majlis (council) has been an important part of Dubai's social life. It is primarily used for special occasions including family and friends.

Who usually makes majles as a part of their house or villa design?

The majlis is the meeting room or front room in many Arab homes where visitors are welcomed. Many Middle Eastern homes still have majlis in their villas or houses. Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Morocco all have their own way of designing special majlis in their homes.

How to decide on its interior design?

To design a majlis right, you need to decide which style you prefer more; Modern or Classic design. Modern designs are more common nowadays as it reflects simplicity and shows personality in every design.

What Arabic majlis Consists of ?

The Arabic Majlis should be comfortable and elegant to impress visitors and make them feel at home. The Majlis should have comfortable seating, such as a cozy sofa and chairs that are suitable for long meetings and discussions. Although the decoration is constantly evolving, some people prefer authentic floor seating for their majlis. The Arab floor majlis has a special place among the majlis decorations. Arab seating models in a variety of colors, materials, and decorations are available to suit all tastes.


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Tips when designing the decor of modern majlis:

- Don't choose big and bulky furniture

- Consider space

- Choose a simple wall decor

- Choose a few photos

- Don't choose standout decorations

Classic majlis design :

Otherwise, designing a classic Majlis necessitates more refined details to the room, such as :

- Selecting more elegant colors

- Decorating the majlis with gold or steel accessories.

- Classic Majlis are always the most popular choice for Men Majlis because they reflect authenticity.

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Ideas for modern women's majlis decoration:

- Choose contemporary colors for the walls.

- Select simple Majlis furniture.

- Choose appropriate and neutral colors to match your home.

- Ceiling gypsum decoration.

What about the decor?

Many people want to create valuable and luxurious Arabic majlis in their homes to welcome guests. The Arab majlis is the traditional place in every home for family gatherings where guests exchange conversations and discussions. Having guests on holidays and special occasions makes us want to constantly refresh our decor.

Some tips when decorating a majlis:

- Excessive decoration should be avoided.

- Choose a variety of lighting.-

- Choose carpet and curtain matching in colors.

- Choose wall graphics to complete the colors of the room.

Design of a small majlis design

The small majlis design, or living room as it is known in Western countries, is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is where family members gather, whether in the morning or the evening.

The design of a small majlis necessitates a unique sense of taste for room decorations, such as the modern style

The contemporary style necessitates effort and a great deal of work to select the best designs and appropriate sizes.

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