Matsmall is one of the best kitchen design companies in dubai and we will give you many kitchen styles layout images, photos and pictures and tell you about the latest interior design trends like t shaped, v designs in 2021 or 2020 or even for the upcoming years new styles in 2022, after that we make 3D designs to help you to imagine your outline.


Where should the plate storage be ?

It should be near to the dishwasher machine or to the sink or both, and the bin too, and all has to be as near as possible to the dinner table or the kitchen island if there is.

If you have children you have to consider the location of the oven, plates, fridge and stove zones very carefully.

How far is the top of your kitchen

cabinet/ cupboard far from your ceiling?

You have to be aware of how difficult it is to clean the top of your kitchen wardrobe and how hard it is! Because of the dust and it’s always too sticky, or under your wardrobe too, our advice here is to make it floor-to-ceiling.

Do you like closed kitchen design or open?

It’s a popular idea for knocking down walls and opening up

living space even if your apartment is the smallest one or you have a large you have to know the basic rules of the outline if you want it to be like USA - New York - , German, UK, Kerala and Nepal outline. this is something very common in European countries and you can find many styles like in Pakistan, Philippines and India and so many countries' styles.

It gives you a true feel of space with a great view and fresh air, and helps you to socialize with your family, in this case a chimney is something very necessary for your family.

Some people prefer to make a wall partition to divide the space between the kitchen and living area or with any other room, there are many types of it.

Partitions with sliding doors, immobilized partition glass

walls and glass partitions with hinged doors.

Exploit each inch in your kitchen home design to save the storage:

Keep in your mind is everything you need in their place ? While you are planning your kitchen you have to think about the number of drawers and shelf you may need. The wardrobe door styles because in small spaces we prefer a slider door to save storage. At Matsmall we offer smart storage ideas.

Choose your kitchen colour very carefully :

Colours have a great impact on our moods, so you have to be very careful when you are choosing your color cabinet,

it can make it one of the most natural and cheerful rooms in your home, on the other hand dark colours might let you feel more homely or luxury.

Your cupboard door style is important too, which one you prefer: a sliding door or open up made of glass or wood.

The secret of kitchen lightning :

The perfect lighting has a great impact on your mood and

the outline, it can make your kitchen decor more luxurious and amazing or make it worse. You can add pop or false ceiling with light to give it more luxury and unique detail.

The lighting will be different if you have a large window and natural light, the light should be ambient.

Don’t Forget your Kitchen Floor :

Choose your kitchen’s floor very carefully, because it’s the largest surface, and it's a very important part.

Do you like kitchen design modern style? laminate and matte porcelain will be your best choice for modern style, if you prefer traditional designs, then the natural stone tiles and warm wood suit will be more than perfect. If you like industrial kitchens, the polished concrete will look amazing.

When you decide to structure your home kitchen or redesign the old one again, Matsmall will help you to set up the elegant kitchen design dubai, with our best interior designers. Send Message now on +971 50564 0902 and get a free consultation now!

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