Discover various dressing room design dimensions 2023

Creating a dressing room that is both tidy and elegant can be difficult, but many creative design ideas can assist in maximizing space and functionality.

Here are some professional tips for choosing the ideal dressing room dimensions.

Storage ideas for your dressing room 

dressing room design
dressing room design

Storage and organization are essential aspects of any dressing room. Clearing out old belongings and assessing the changing room setup can help with the organization. The correct cabinetry can help change the area and make dressing easier. Shelving, drawers, and hanging sections will maximize storage while also keeping the room clutter-free. These simple closet-organizing tips can also help create a more orderly dressing room.

  • Check your dressing room arrangement.
  • Choose the right cabinetry 
  • Invest in closet accessories
  • Choose a smart dressing room layout 
  • Seek professional help 

What should a dressing room contain?

There are only five essential elements: a good dressing table, a comfy seat, good lighting, a mirror, and those all-important accessories. These are the foundations of a beautiful dressing room, and if you can choose excellent pieces with timeless appeal, you will have a flawless set-up for years to come.

What is an average dressing room size?

dressing room design
dressing room design

“Dressing rooms work best when combined with a bedroom or bathroom to form a suite.” If you are starting from scratch and can choose the size of your dressing room, you should allocate at least 2.4×1. 6m.”

Key features to consider while designing your dream dressing room

Before you do anything, consider what is required: do you need space for longer items, such as dresses? Do you wish to keep your work clothing in a different area? Do you have room for a large or small mirror? What kind of organizers will you use?

  • Select the location you will use as a dressing room 
  • Select a clear budget to work with
  • Choose the best layout to fit the available dimensions
  • Separate the dressing room with a wooden or glass door for extra privacy 
  • Light it up 
  • Mirrors are a big hit when designing a dressing room
  • Consider multiple-function furniture
  • Choose bright colors for walls 

Dressing room design ideas that work in any space

dressing room design
dressing room design
  • L shape dressing 
  • U shape dressing 
  • Parallel dressing 
  • Walk in dressing
  • Built-in dressing

Dressing room colors

Bright and neutral colors are the best options for dressing room designs, 

  • Beige 
  • White 
  • Gray 
  • Nude 

Tips for decorating your dressing room

dressing room design
dressing room design
  • Combining open and closed storage choices can help hide unattractive messes while keeping commonly used goods easily accessible. 
  • Stylish cabinets can also completely transform the appearance and feel of a dressing room.
  • Adding a variety of lighting types, such as natural, ambient, and task lighting, can help to create a bright and welcoming environment. Good lighting is necessary not only for seeing what you’re wearing but also for emphasizing design features in the room. 
  • Comfy seating alternatives, such as a plush chair or ottoman, can make getting ready easier.
  • Adding personal touches with decorative elements is the final step in creating a fashionable and effective dressing room.

How can MatsMall help you choose the perfect dimensions for the dressing room?

To achieve your ideal dressing room, MatsMall will help you choose the perfect layout after measuring your available space. After the assessment part, you will receive a full 3D layout of the dressing room to make sure of how the final design will look. 

If you are ready to own the perfect dressing room design, contact us through WhatsApp at +971505640902

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