Your guide to set up the best dressing room designs ideas

The most important design principles you have to be aware of to get great best dressing room design in your bedroom or your dressing room.
تصميم ديكورات دريسنج روم
تصميم ديكورات دريسنج روم
تصميم ديكورات دريسنج روم
The perfect dressing room design 
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تصميم ديكور غرف دريسنج روم في دبي
تصميم ديكور غرف دريسنج روم في دبي
تصميم ديكور غرف دريسنج روم في دبي
The best dressing room decor and design 
افضل التصاميم لغرف تبديل الملابس في دبي
افضل التصاميم لغرف تبديل الملابس في دبي
افضل التصاميم لغرف تبديل الملابس في دبي
افضل التصاميم لغرف تبديل الملابس في دبي
Get the perfect dressing room design in the UAE
تصميم غرف ملابس دريسنج روم للمساحات الكبيرة
تصميم غرف ملابس دريسنج روم للمساحات الكبيرة
تصميم غرف ملابس دريسنج روم للمساحات الكبيرة
تصميم غرف ملابس دريسنج روم للمساحات الكبيرة
The perfect dressing room design for small spaces

Common questions to design the perfect dressing room in the UAE:

How to design the elegant dressing room of your dreams?

It has recently become popular in the Arab World and especially in Abu Dhabi, but you must select a dressing room design that fits the style, personality, and dimensions of your bedroom too. Making a separate dressing chamber is a wise decision that does not always require as much space as you might think, you can make the bathroom and dressing room design the same because they are connected together. The walk-in wardrobe provides a private area for changing clothes and gives the chamber an elegant and organized appearance especially if you connect your dressing room with bathroom design. MatsMall best interior design company in Dubai can assist you in designing a walk-in wardrobe or a separate changing room. In this article, we will help you understand more about designing and how to create the best one in UAE

4 important things to have an Ideal dressing chamber !!!

A spare chamber or a corner of a bedroom can be transformed into a dedicated beauty spot with a little imagination to become the most beautiful changing room you have ever seen. When you are creating a closet in your home, there are four important factors you have to consider: Vanity table (dressing table) Stool or chair Big mirror Good lighting

Choose the perfect dressing chamber table and chair

A vanity table is an essential piece of furniture when you are getting ready for every day, providing a dressing room with makeup vanity to sit and get ready in style while keeping all of your essentials close at hand. It’s available in several styles and shapes, varying from minimalist design and modern to classic and decorative. You’ll need a creative chair to match your vanity table once you’ve decided on one. Having a comfortable place to sit, and it will make your changing room more appealing. Pro-tip: A vanity table, a square wall mirror, and a chair are among the essentials for a well-equipped closet room. So you have to choose them wisely to make your clothes room design looks perfect.

How to choose the perfect mirror in your changing room?

The mirror is the most important item in your walk-in wardrobe, it can help enlarge the appearance of a closet room or improve the home dressing room lighting of a space. It can also be used as decoration. To choose the perfect mirror, all you have to do is follow our tips below!

1- Choose the style The clothes room design influences the direction of your search for a bedroom mirror. Because it puts mirror shopping in the context of one or two themes, it helps you narrow down your options before you even step foot in a decor store or begin searching online.

2- Consider the dimensions The size of the mirror you require is the next consideration when shopping for a clothes room design mirror. It’s one thing to purchase a full-length mirror that makes a big statement, and it’s quite another to hang a smaller, simpler mirror on one of your wall art.

Play with shapes
  • Time to get creative once you’ve determined the style and size of the mirror you want. Consider how an oval mirror would differ from a rectangular mirror, as well as a circle mirror or one with unique details that line the edges.
  • Choose a wall Have you considered where you want to put your new mirror? If not, take a moment to look around the chamber – and from a variety of angles – before deciding on a mirror.
  • Consider Lighting You don’t want your new mirror to get too much direct sunlight if your dressing room window, so consider how the lighting in your chamber changes throughout the day to have a perfect design.
Best closet room ideas to inspire you

Whether you have a walk-in wardrobe or bedroom storage, these dressing room ideas for the bedroom will help you create the best clothes space that is both calm and organized.

  1. Design your own catwalk Long
    narrow chambers are ideal for clothes space because they have the perfect layout for a catwalk. Because a narrow chamber can feel crowded, it’s a good idea to use the same color furniture and walls to create the illusion of a larger space. Pro-Tip: place your mirror at the end of the wall or sideways.
  2. Use your corridors
    Hallways, for example, are ideal for storing large amounts of items.
    Simple wardrobes can be transformed into something appealing and well-organized by adding a beautiful splash of color and thoughtful tools.
  3. Decorate your shelves
    If you have wall-to-wall cabinetry, open shelving, and doorless wardrobes are great; they can help in more narrow spaces by making the chamber feel lighter and wider.
  4. Organize it right
    When it comes to installing a dressing chamber, the most important thing is to make sure there is enough storage space. Careful planning can assist you in making the most of what you have to maximize every inch. Consider adding extra shelving to commonly overlooked areas, such as the space above the door.
What are the various types of dressing room layouts?

If you’re not sure what the best dressing room design is, here are some dressing room ideas and layouts to help you customize one that’s perfect for you.

  1. L-shaped and angular
    The corner layout of the changing room is a space where furniture is positioned along two adjacent walls.
  2. Linear
    This type of walk-in wardrobe layout is a space in which furniture is arranged along one wall.
  3. U-Shaped
    It is suitable for apartments and houses in large areas.
  4. Parallel
    A parallel design is a space where two line storage are positioned opposite each other.
Dressing rooms location

There are a few changing area ideas for the location you can consider depending on the design and size of your home.
Consider the following suggestions for where to locate your closet space.

  1. In the hall
  2. In the corridor
  3. Under the stairs
Color palettes for the closet space

When you are planning for your dressing design you have to consider your colors palettes, for the walls: It is best to keep the closet area’s walls light as the space will appear larger. Second, this space will become brighter, which is especially useful when the fitting room is located in the clothes room.
For the floors:

Generally, the floor is made darker than the walls. You can use the same colour as the walls but in a darker shade.

How do you properly organize the lighting in the clothes area?

Choose a combination of these important lighting systems to ensure proper lighting in your chamber.

  1. Main lights
  2. Chandelier and wall lights
  3. Spotlight
  4. Led lights
The most popular dressing room interior design styles

It is best to decorate the clothes room in the same style as the adjacent chamber. Otherwise, a strong contrast will appear, detracting from the overall design of the interior.


Classical dressing design is always luxurious. However, in a small space, this style should be avoided. Because of the large number of decorative details and furniture pieces in the interior, this style visually reduces the already small space.


Modern clothes room design is appropriate for any size chamber. It is especially suitable for use in small spaces because it accepts only a minimal amount of decor and furniture, so it’s perfect if you want to make one but you don’t have enough space or separate clothes space, you can use grey, black, and white. White is perfect for small spaces.
In this article, we showed you a variety of options to choose your dressing room design, contact us on WhatsApp now at 971505640902+
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