How The Natural Lighting Affect Your Interior Design

Did you know that lighting has an effect on your room interior design? In this article, we will discuss the importance of lighting and the effect of natural lighting on interior design We will also talk about the disadvantages of natural lighting and how to avoid them.

Natural lighting is that issued from natural sources such as the sun, moon, and stars. Natural lighting is the best type of lighting because it is renewable and continuous energy and does not cause environmental pollution. Natural lighting is the most suitable physiologically for humans, and it varies and varies according to time, seasons and location, and distance from the equator.

The effect of natural lighting on interior design

 Natural Lighting
Natural Lighting


Natural lighting has great importance in increasing production, providing comfort, and securing human health requirements. The proper distribution of lighting, whether natural or artificial, helps to harmonize and the room looks better, so you should pay attention to the distribution of lighting appropriately to get more lighting room.  

 Natural Lighting
Natural Lighting

Some important points that you should pay attention to when using natural lighting in interior design: 

1- Use light colors in ceilings and walls where dark colors absorb natural light, whether the color is white, or soft pastel, such as yellow or beige

2- Use more natural colors in your home; Where natural light stands out and is attracted to natural colors such as wood or marble floors and black because it will look wild and natural when natural light falls on it. 

3- Mirrors and reflective decorations help you distribute natural lighting in the room and enable you to get a brighter room with simple touches. The mirrors add a good space to the rooms, making them appear wider.

4- Wide areas help you get the largest amount of natural light as the light will flow in all directions.

5- Windows is a very important factor in distributing natural light inside the room. Try to distribute the largest number of windows in the room. You can design high windows to get privacy.

Interior designers in MatsMall will show you the best options available for your home to get better natural lighting. Contact them and get a free consultation from interior design You will also get 3D designs for your home before starting the design and implementation.

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What is the importance of lighting?

 Natural Lighting
Natural Lighting

Can you imagine going through your day without light? Lighting is one of the most important factors in living. Lighting helps you see and has an impact on human feeling. We feel more comfortable in the presence of light, and it also plays an important role in creating the environment we look up to. Therefore, the interior designers in MatsMall resort to knowing the details of the day of the owners of the house before designing. Do they prefer simple industrial lighting or do they prefer bright natural lighting? The more the interior designer knows the details of the residents’ lives in the home, the more they design and choose the best types of lighting that go with their lifestyle.

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Disadvantages of natural lighting

 Natural Lighting
Natural Lighting

For natural lighting after flaws shown by poor planning of the house, get to know it now.

1- The effect of natural lighting on the color, natural light shows the natural color of the floors, furniture, and paint, due to the direction of the windows and the time difference, where the sun’s rays in the middle of the day are more neutral than the sun’s rays in the morning and evening to get good color results, choose bold colors in rooms facing north and red Warm or yellow in oriental rooms.

2-  Too much sunlight exposes you to ultraviolet rays, which weakens the colors of the curtains and carpets, so we advise you to close the curtains and use blackout curtains to protect your home. 

3- Natural light comes with high heat, some windows that reflect light also reflect heat to the house and retain it, so in the summer people prefer artificial lighting and closing the windows.

  Natural light improves mood, and reduces eyestrain and headaches, so we advise you to plan the house in a way to reduce the defects of natural light and make good use of it. 

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