Your guide to creating Moroccan style interior design in your home

What is Moroccan design, and how do you incorporate it into your home? If you like Moroccan modern interior design, we will give you valuable recommendations in this blog to apply when designing your home.

Moroccan design

Moroccan design interiors appear when Moroccan culture’s effect on interior and exterior designers, where the yellow sand color was mixed with the pure blue color of the sea.

There are many Moroccan styles in interior design, including the Moroccan design, the Andalusian style, and the Moroccan-Andalusian style. Moroccan interior design is distinguished by bold and vibrant colors that stimulate happiness and joy, such as green, yellow, orange, and red, and plants and geometric motifs play an important role.

Moroccan Arabian Interior Design

The use of geometric motifs and arches to decorate spaces in the ceiling and walls adds a unique aesthetic touch, especially when combined with appropriate carpets and accessories and gypsum work. Several countries, including Arab culture, Spain, France, and Portugal, influenced the Moroccan architectural style. The Moroccan interior design is created by blending of Berber and Islamic styles. Geometric patterns, vibrant colors, and zillij ceramic tile Moroccan design are among the easily identifiable features.

Moroccan Design Patterns

Moroccan design is based on the use of patterns on the floors, walls, and furnishings, but they prefer simple curtains that extend to the floor, extending the length of the walls in the space of the room. However, in small spaces, it is preferable not to use patterns on the walls because they reduce the size of the room.

7 Essential Elements of Moroccan Interior Design

  • Structural elements and doors

  • Tiles

  • Colors

  • Texture

  • textiles

  • Furniture

  • Accessories

Traditional Moroccan design can add a warm, lived-in, and welcoming ambiance to any room, from the kitchen to the bedroom. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get this look. Any room can be transformed into a Moroccan retreat with a bolt of fabric, a can of paint, a stencil or two, and appropriate accent pieces.

Moroccan Architecture Design

In terms of architecture, the style is characterized by the use of u-shaped doors and entryways with traditional Islamic keyhole designs. Domes are also common in architecture. It is also common to see open courtyards, water fountains, and gardens. This design also makes extensive use of ceramic mosaic tiles. They are frequently bold and brightly colored, and their applications are virtually limitless. The Moroccan design tiles are used to frame doorways and windows, as well as to make tabletops and accent pieces such as walls, mirrors, and picture frames.

Moroccan Modern Interior Design

Moroccan interior design places a premium on comfort. Seating is frequently low to the ground. To achieve the low seating Moroccan furniture design, tables are sometimes low to the floor as well.

Textiles are generous in this design to make the space as comfortable as possible. The floors are frequently covered in layered Moroccan design rugs or a single plush rug, with woven throw blankets and pillows on hand.

Lighting is another factor to consider. Choose lanterns made of metals such as copper or brass, and look for pieces with elaborate geometric carvings. Lanterns are typically suspended from the ceiling or walls.

Mirrors are very common in this architectural style. You can’t go wrong if you use a lot of reflective surfaces in your design. If the mirrors are adorned with Moroccan mosaic tiles, you’ll get bonus points.

Moroccan style bedroom design idea; can be achieved in by hanging a canopy over the bed in the master bedroom over chairs in the living room, or high over a dining table.

Moroccan Design Firms In Dubai

If you follow the steps above, decorating your home in a bright and elegant Moroccan design will be a breeze, but if you can’t locate the correct elements, simply contact MatsMalls’ specialists, who will guide you through the design process.

MatsMall has extensive expertise in building Moroccan-style houses, from entryways to master bedrooms and bathrooms.

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