Best Ideas for French Style Home Decor

Despite the rise of new and different decorations, the French style is one of the most popular decor styles for people with good and romantic decor tastes.

Learn more about the French decor style and how to incorporate it into your home with these tips from MatsMall experts:

Beginnings of the French style in decoration

The French style first appeared in interior decoration in the eighteenth century; it was notable at the time because it brought joy and elegance to the French lands, as well as a growth in the purchase of luxury and expensive items. The French also incorporated their love of fashion and art into the house’s interior design.

The French style is a combination of the Baroque, Rococo, and Empire interior styles, as the Empire style is the foundation for the design of rooms for the French and is the most popular style in France so far, but the Rococo style is a style that relies more on light colors and is used by the elites, while the Baroque style is a style that depends on the royal view. However, it retains the features of middle-class French decor.

The evolution of French decoration

The French style is known for its calm and simple colors in interior design. The French style was distinguished during the Louis XIV era by its straight lines and large sizes and the use of unique fabrics to indicate luxury and elegance in furniture.

However, during the imperial era, French decoration became distinguished by its frills, and gold paint remained prevalent throughout this elegant era.

French decor features and characteristics

French decor is distinguished by a few key details that should be considered when designing:

  • Mirrors and accessories in gold.
  • Floors with parquet and polished tiles.
  • High ceilings and a wooden roof.
  • Pastel colors.
  • The heater is a necessary item.
  • High-value antiques.

French living room decor

Living rooms in the French style are distinguished by a traditional French-shaped sofa in bright neutral colors. as well as a French coffee table with its original wood color and a mix of pastel colors in the fabrics, which add an elegant and romantic touch to the room.

French bedroom interior design

The use of calm and neutral colors in French bedrooms makes the space more elegant and classy. Using various-sized pillows on the bed and the floor makes you feel the French spirit. French designers take advantage of the bedroom space by using large and comfortable sofas to add an elegant look to the room decor.

French kitchen decor

The French kitchen is simple and luxurious because it relies on mixing pastel colors and using an elegant marble tabletop makes your French kitchen on point. French kitchens host big pieces of furniture as their cupboards; large buffets, wood tables, and long woodwork tables.

French design color palette

Pastel colors: light pink, white, beige, light blue, light yellow, and light green. You can also use dark colors such as brown and black in choosing textiles and furnishings.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Home Decoration

To be able to choose the perfect decoration for your home, you should consult with professional designers who can assist you in understanding your house dimensions and the perfect decoration and style you should pick so that you can easily achieve your dream house.

Last but not least, the French style in home decor can be easily implemented by MatsMall’s professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

 What is the French interior style called?

French interior design is divided into two styles: French Classic and French Provincial. Shabby Chic is another name for it.

What is the French decor style?

French style is defined as a mix of rustic and refined decor inspired by French countryside homes. It’s a popular style all over the world because of its relaxed and casual elegance that’s never ostentatious. The style is defined by three distinct characteristics:

Fabrics with soft patterns and muted colors
Furniture and accessories that are distressed, painted, or vintage
There is a lot of wood and other natural materials.

How can I decorate my house like the French?

Interiors in the French style may appear impossibly chic, but the look is not impossible to achieve.

– Mix old and new styles.

– Choose subdued colors

– Select only one or two glamorous accessories.

– Don’t over-decorate.

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