Great tips to design a Shabby chic style from best interior designers

If you’re not sure what Shabby Chic is or how to incorporate it into your home’s interior design, keep reading because we’ll explain what it is and how to achieve it in your own home.

What do you know about the Shabby Chic style?

Shabby chic is an interior style that originated in the English countryside in the 1980s. The shabby chic style is extremely close to the French countryside style, which is known for its light shades, white, floral prints, and natural textures.

This design is appropriate for antiques, vintage, and elegant old décor that can simply be updated and reused for another decade. You’ll need to mix and match the correct pieces to achieve this adaptable look in your house.

Shabby Chic Decor Features

The main aspects for applying the shabby chic style to your room are pastel shades and raw wood features, which are the fundamental factors for applying the shabby chic style to your space. Cotton and linen fabrics in “pastel” colors like pink, white, blue, gray, beige, and off-white are ideal.

Shabby Chic Style In Interior Design

The Shabby Chic style is known for its old antique designs that remind us of old French country cottage decor, and this antique decor is mixed with some modern decorations that give a feeling of comfort and calm. Worn wood is used in Shabby Chic designs to give the decor the appropriate antique look.

You may transform an ancient sofa into an attractive one by just changing its color and using floral patterned materials. You can also use a modern table without detracting from the Shabby Chic decor, and you can create a stone wall similar to that seen in country houses to have a shabby chic living room.

Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby Chic bedroom design dominates the cupboards, storage cabinets, doors, and floors. The pistachio green color goes well with the white paint on the walls and ceiling, and the patterned cotton materials make the room appropriate for all ages.

Shabby Chic Kitchen

The Shabby Chic kitchen design differs from other kitchen designs in its amazing cabinet design that makes you wonder if this is truly a kitchen or a heritage relic from a museum.

For more shabby chic kitchen ideas you can use patterns on the walls, such as vivid pink designs with bright white paint and pink or sweet colors in the furnishings and décor, to create an exquisite kitchen.

Shabby Chic Wallpaper

You can choose Shabby Chic wallpaper with unique designs to decorate only one wall while choosing the white color for the rest of the room. You can choose from pink, green, and off-white with simple roses.
You can also use Shabby Chic wallpaper with floral details or vintage classic soft pastel colors in a shabby chic living room design, a shabby chic dining room design, a shabby chic kitchen, and a guest room.

Shabby Chic Interior Design Company

Are you impressed by how lovely and vibrant the Shabby Chic design is? MatsMall can assist you in designing your home in the Shabby Chic style by sketching unique ideas that are tailored to your lifestyle and environment.

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