How to design a luxury arabic majlis in UAE.

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Majlis Decor

The decor of the arabic majlis has witnessed development in recent years, as the fashion in the arabic majlis has become more into bright colors, modern designs, and simple models.

But the old Arab style especially uae majlis is one of the best choices in the Arab world and the Gulf, as it suggests elegance and luxury like a majlis sofa

Decor majlis 2021

What is majlis? The ​​Arab councils are not limited to the UAE and the Arab world only, but it has become common to receive guests in a private room.The designs and decor of the Arab Majlis uae for the year 2021 depending on the consistency of colors, furnishings, walls, decorations, and style and the most important item is majlis sofa, when you are choosing arabic majlis sofa you have to be careful to choose the most comfy one, don’t forget choosing sofa majlis colors.

At MatsMall, we offer you the latest interior decoration in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; like arabic interior design and an exclusive collection of multiple styles and designs to suit your home dimensions.

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Modern Decor majlis

Tips when designing the decor of modern majlis:

If you like modern majlis than traditional majlis design, follow this 4 tips to get the best modern majlis design in UAE

Don't choose big and bulky furniture

Consider space

Choosing a simple wall décor

Choose a few photos

Don't choose standout decorations

Majlis Gypsum board 2021

Gypsum board decorations in men’s majlis are one of the most important factors in room design. The men’s majlis witness many different sessions between private and social sessions and the reception of many guests.Ceiling designs and decorations add to the sitting rooms something of luxury, elegance, and perfection. There are many ideas for gypsum majlis decoration in men's rooms and suitable for modern and classic homes to design best modern majlis design or traditional majlis design.Choosing gypsum board ceilings for men’s halls and councils helps you mix colors and materials between stones and wood.

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Women majlis decor 2021

The women's living room has a taste of calm, elegance, and flexibility in choosing the décor to suit the nature of women's meetings, which are always fun and simple discussions.Ladies prefer modern decor when designing their uae majlis room. But some other ladies prefer choosing luxurious furniture and decor for their majlis uae.

Modern women's majlis decoration ideas

 Choosing modern colors for the walls Choosing simple furniture for the Majlis Choose suitable and neutral colors for your home Gypsum ceiling decoration

In this article, we talked about the best decorations for Majlis rooms in homes. You can contact MatsMall for the best interior designs and arabic interior design too for your home in the United Arab Emirates.Contact us by sending a message to the number +971 50 564 0902

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