Islamic interior design ideas

Many people prefer Islamic-style home design because it adds an ancient and unique touch to the room. Islamic interior design can be combined with modern design. Traditional Islamic style is based on luxury and is not restricted to Arab countries.

Islamic interior design ideas

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Simple tips to consider when designing your home in the Islamic style:

  • Choose natural colors
  • Use lanterns for lighting
  • Choose handmade carpets
  • choose colorful glass for windows

Islamic design elements

  • Arches are used to divide spaces.
  • Rooms are separated by columns.
  • Ceiling and wall are decorated with decorative units.

Islamic decor

Islamic-style home decor can be incorporated into the design of furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and antiques.
Tips for designing Islamic-style villas and houses:

  1. Marble columns and Andalusian arches are used to decorate large spaces.
  2. Make use of carpets with Islamic designs.
  3. Decor and furniture, whether classic or modern, can be used.
  4. Copper should be used in artifacts.

Modern Islamic Architecture

As soon as you see Islamic architecture, you will notice it. It is well-known for its exceptional art, whether in the exterior or interior design.
Architectural designs in buildings are one-of-a-kind. Many geometric shapes and details are used in architecture and design in the old Islamic style.

The following are the most important Islamic architectural structures:

Spain's Alhambra PalaceUzbekistan's Registan SquareCairo's Sabil QaitbayYemen's stone house and India's Agra fort
The mosque, palace, castle, and mausoleum are the four main types of Islamic architecture.

History of Islamic Art in Architecture

Traditional Islamic architecture is a one-of-a-kind art form that has influenced many designers all over the world.
Islamic art is a civilized art that developed over the ages and generations of the past; despite the diversity in style, it maintained the same way in its elegant geometric shapes and the material used in any project.

Colors in Islamic art designs

In most of its designs, the Islamic style relies on a few basic colors, such as blue, red, pink, green, and beige.It is also preferable to define the graphics with black.

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