Best ideas for your home decor and the common mistakes to avoid

Our guide to help you to design your perfect and amazing home decor in UAE and the most common mistakes to avoid when you are designing your home decor with the best interior and exterior designers at MatsMall in Dubai
مداخل فيلا داخلية
مداخل فيلا داخلية
مداخل فيلا داخلية
The Villa entryway is a fundamental step in your interior design
غرف اطفال
غرف اطفال
غرف أطفال
تصميم غرف اطفال
غرف اطفال مشتركة
Your bedroom style reveals a lot about you, so choose wisely.
تصميم غرفة جلوس
MatsMall designers are known for their innovative designs that take into account room dimensions.
تصميم غرف طعام في الإمارات
تصميم غرف طعام وسفرة
تصميم غرف طعام وسفرة
تصميم غرف طعام وسفرة
تصميم غرف طعام وسفرة
Before embarking on the design or implementation of any interior decorations, you must first determine which styles you prefer by looking at pictures of decorations, as interior decoration varies depending on the style that you have chosen to obtain the most recent interior decoration designs for your home.
تصميم مطبخ مفتوح بدبي
تصميمات ديكور قبل وبعد
تصميمات ديكور قبل وبعد
3d تصميم غرف نوم
You may create a special area by adding basic and affordable items such as a mirror or decent lighting.
ديكور الحدائق المنزليه
تصميم حدائق منزلية
ممرات حدائق
Your appreciation for outside design should be as strong as your passion for interior design.
مطبخ تحضيري صغير
مطبخ تحضيري صغير
تصميمات مطابخ
To achieve a beautiful design, use complementary colors.
تصميمات مطابخ مفتوحة
تصميم مطبخ مفتوح
تصميم مطبخ مفتوح بدبي
A kitchen is a gathering place for all family members to dine and converse while making food. One of the most crucial things to consider when designing kitchens is sufficient storage, comfort, and safety for the entire family.
The following are the most often asked questions by our customers concerning the greatest home décor ideas: –
What are the basics of your home decor?

– Select your home style:

Before implementing any interior decoration or design, you must determine which styles you prefer by looking at the latest decorations photos, as the interior decoration varies according to the style that you have chosen to get the latest interior decoration designs for your home.

2- Choose the primary colors:

Your choice of basic colors will greatly help you to determine the colors of the interiors of the house.

Light colors help to create the space illusion, for example, choosing light colors gives a feeling of space despite dark colors.

colors can add a touch of luxury, for example, the golden color, so colors are one of the most important elements of home decor.

3- Furniture:

Choose comfortable and functional furniture that is suitable for your home space and suitable for your home decor, of course. Home furniture is one of the largest decorative pieces, so it must be chosen carefully and meticulously so as not to spoil the general style of your home.

4- Choose the perfect lighting:

Choosing the right lighting is one of the most important factors, as you must study and locate the rooms and furniture carefully to determine the places where there should be a dim light that helps you relax and feel calm, and the places where there should be clear light for reading, for example, and you can also use the light in a way that enables you Create the illusion of space or create distinctive decorative shapes.

5- Balance:

Balance is one of the most important factors in choosing your home decor. We have mentioned it before, in this next article to learn how to achieve balance and know all the types that you should follow to get the best home decor.

7- Comforts:

Home is the place where you can find rest after a long day, so make sure to choose all the details that provide you with the comfort you want to have.

8- Storage:

Allocate a place in your home to store all things that it’s not important, as it can be divided into a place to store important things and another place to store unimportant things, such as under the stairs.

The best ideas for wonderful home decoration:

1- living room decorations

Choose furniture that does not stifle the available space unless you want to design the luxurious classic style, in contrast to the simple modern style that is characterized by simplicity, tenderness and sophistication with the addition of colored pillows and runners on the sofa, you should also make sure to use good materials that are easy to clean, comfortable and practical for ease of movement the room.

2- kitchen decor

The kitchen is an area where the whole family gathers to eat and share conversations while preparing food. One of the most important tips that you should take care when you are designing kitchens is storage, comfort and safety for the whole family.

3- bathroom decor

The bathroom is a field of ideas, so you should design it and decorate it with elegant and distinctive bathroom decorations. You should also use colors suitable for high-end home and hotel decorations, and if you have enough space, we advise you to add a spa or jacuzzi to the place for more luxury.

4- kids’ room decorations

Children’s room decorations should be bright and distinctive colors in all corners of the room. We also advise choosing the basic color for the decoration of your children’s bedrooms, away from the type of newborn so as not to affect the design of the interior decoration of the room.

Common mistakes that you should avoid in home decoration:
  • The most important mistakes that you should avoid when designing your home decor:
    • Avoid choosing dark colors for small spaces so that you do not feel the illusion of a small space if you want to design a modern interior so that you do not feel disturbed and resentful.
    • Do not forget to choose the lighting of the place, as you may forget to choose the lighting, as some may prefer yellow lighting.
    • Do not rush to choose the design and home decoration, because the decision to choose the furniture, colors, and style of design for your home is one of the most important decisions that are not changed daily. You also have to think more carefully so as not to fall into the trap of high costs.
    • Do not overuse colors in children’s rooms.

    After you know the most important elements and basics of home decor, you can imagine your home decor by seeing a lot of photos to get simple home decorations to be inspired to visualize how you want your home and the design that you prefer and also get advice from the best and most skilled decor designers at MatsMall The best interior design company in the Emirates, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ajman, Bida Zayed, Rak, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, and not only that but also all the countries of the Arab world such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and all countries of the world.

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