Arabic Design - Luxurious majlis design 2022

Many people are interested in designing valuable and luxurious Arabic majlis in their homes to receive guests. The Arab majlis is the traditional place in every home for family gatherings where guests gather and exchange conversations and discussions. Having guests on holidays and occasions makes us want to always renew our decor.

MatsMall designers suggests to you the highest interior designs for Arab Majlis within your taste, either classic or modern. We have all the suitable furniture and designs.

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Designing a majlis at home depends on choosing a simple decor suitable for the living room and dining room as well. It is also preferable to pick colors, floors, and wallpapers that fit the two rooms.
What are the types of boards?

  • Luxurious men majlis
  • Women majlis

The decor and interior design vary between women’s and men’s majlis. Women’s decorations depend on calm colors and simple lighting, but men’s majlis depends on the luxurious style and dark colors such as black and gold.

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The interior design of the majlis depends on some factors, including:

  • Choose the fabrics
  • Choose the lighting
  • Choose the colors
  • Choose the decoration

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Outdoor majlis design

The designs of the outdoor majlis from MatsMall are varied and different; we offer you more than one majlis style, such as; Islamic style, Andalusian style, folk style, and other styles that suit your taste.
MatsMall creates external majlis for you with all the facilities that serve the majlis, such as; the buffet, the bathroom, or a small kitchen with the best materials used.

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Some tips when designing an external majlis:

  • Not using too much decoration
  • Diversity of lighting in the Majlis
  • Choosing suitable curtain colors for carpets
  • Choosing wall graphics to suit the colors of the room
  • Not choosing rugs and carpets too often

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Arabic majlis floor seating

Although the decoration is constantly developing, the Arab floor majlis has a special place among the majlis decorations. There are Arab seating models that suit all tastes with different colors, materials, and decoration.

Modern majlis design

Interior designers have designed majlis with modern decor to suit modern homes. All the decorations of the Arab Majlis have become luxurious yet contemporary to add to your home a different and new theme.

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Men majlis design

Men always go for Arab folk design in designing their majlis as it is a tradition in the Arab culture. At MatsMall, we offer different designs ideas of majlis to help you choose the best for your house.
If you’re looking for some luxury men Majlis design ideas, get in touch with MatsMall designers.

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Small majlis design

The small majlis, or as it is called the living room in western countries, is one of the most important rooms in your house. It is the place where family members gather, whether in the morning or the evening. It is the soul of the house.
The design of a small majlis needs a special taste for room decorations such as the modern style. The contemporary style requires effort and requires a lot of work to choose the best designs and appropriate sizes.

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MatsMall has a variety of majlis design ideas to match every home and style.   
If you are looking for majlis ideas, contact us now via WhatsApp +971 50 564 0902

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