The Best Royal Palace Interior Design Ideas

Royal palaces are renowned for their distinctive aesthetic and luxurious interior décor styles because their owners always have unique tastes in furniture and decor.

In addition to having a lot of rooms for the royal family, visitors, and staff, the royal palace always has a natural view because it is built on huge green spaces.

Different Types of Palace Decor

The majority of luxurious property owners in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates like the classic style for the interior decoration of their homes, choosing elegant royal hues and lavishly large crystal accents.

You can create the palace in a new classical style or even a modern design to showcase its beauty and elegance from the inside. However, you must be careful while selecting the furnishings and décor.

Palace Interior Design

The palace is characterized by enough space for each room to be used separately, allowing you to customize it and select lavish furnishings to convey the beauty and richness of the building.

The Palace Entrance

The entrance to the palace is the symbol of luxury and excellence because it gives guests the first impression that it must contain appropriate decorations and precious antiquities that make them amazed from the very first moment.

Salons and Guest Reception Rooms

It’s crucial to pay attention to the decorations in the salon because that’s where you host gatherings with guests.
The classic style is the best option for creating an outstanding and beautiful guest majlis. The area is made more elegant by the original soft and decorative silk curtains and their harmony with a natural wool carpet.
You need to use pricey accessories and premium materials to draw attention to the palace salon. Be sure to use marble on the floors, tables, antiques, embroidered fabrics, and even the upholstery on the furniture.

Dining Room

Family members, friends, and neighbors frequently gather in the dining room to eat meals and indulge in desserts, particularly on special occasions and holidays. Some palace owners favor having a separate space with a sizable table and numerous chairs.
This system is regarded as a traditional one that can be found in old palaces. A dining room that is open to the kitchen or living room and is divided from them by a contemporary wood door is a modern option nowadays.

Living Room

The living room, or family room, as some people refer to it, is a space with sofas, cozy chairs, and a big TV for entertainment.
To be a cozy place for the family, the decor should be straightforward and contemporary.


The bedroom should have a unique and elegant design to give you the required privacy and comfort. The bedding is often hand-embroidered silk in the classic royal bedrooms, and it should also have gold colors.


Do you realize that lighting serves more than just lighting needs? In addition to changing the way we perceive the world around us, good lighting placement also draws attention to the aesthetic qualities of various architectural styles.
Therefore, choosing palace illuminations in a classic style is recommended.

Exterior Palace Design

Exterior design and palace facades are the basis of exterior design and decoration, as they are the first things your visitors see, which determines whether the palace owners have good taste or not.

Palace Facade from Outside

You can use poles and reflective glass for all doors and windows on all floors, and you can choose classic chandeliers at the palace entrance to give it a classic and elegant shape.

The design of the palace is a difficult and complex process because it takes a long time to have several roles, many rooms, and large spaces to design, but with Mats Mall Interior Design, the process becomes easy and simple.

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