Uae and landscape companies in Dubai experts guide to have the best garden ever

Why are landscaping companies in Dubai known for their great designs?

Landscape companies in Dubai are well-known for their one-of-a-kind yard designs and facilities, they are also known for their modern, luxurious, magnificent designs worldwide; MatsMall is a leading landscaping company in the UAE, providing amazing and high-quality services. To create a well-landscaped yard, consider the style and size of your home, its location on the property, the amount of sunlight the yard receives, and how it can be enhanced by plantings, bushes, trees, lightning….and more. In this article, we will go through the design process of landscapes

What kind of garden do you want to have?

A well-structured design brief will provide the designer with a thorough understanding of your requirements, desires, lifestyle, and budget. Landscapers Dubai in MatsMall can be customized to meet the demands of the client; for example, if you have a family with infants you will have quite different requirements from a couple with pets, or from a big family that expects many guests.

What to consider before designing a home garden?

Follow these steps to create a visualization of what you want your garden to look like, after settling on these steps you are ready to kick your next steps. Determine the type of garden you want to create; is it just for aesthetics, or do you want to grow fruits, for example? "Choose the best design for your living space. - Choose the type of plants you want to grow. - Choose the best location in terms of sun and soil. - Set your budget."

What are the key elements of a villa landscape design?

The features you want to include are determined by your lifestyle. Most people prefer to have different zones for different activities. Let's take a look at some inspiring ideas. “A Personal Pool in your landscape, Seating Areas Or Dining Areas Outside, Art Walls, Pathways, Waterfalls, Light Up Your Garden”

Tips for designing landscaping in large villas or mansions :

" Divide the space well. - Use artificial grass. - Coordinate the flowers' color. - Choose the types of plants that fit the garden space. - Create a path by using stones. - Choose outdoor furniture carefully. - Choose a swimming pool shape that suits the garden design. " If you don’t have enough space to design a full landscape, here are creative ideas to impress nature indoors.

The best company for home garden coordination in Dubai

You can always rely on MatsMall, one of the best interior and garden design companies in United Arab Emirates. Our company is distinguished by appealing and diverse designs, and we have numerous ideas for designing or landscaping home gardens in your home. If you hope to get your dream garden decoration MatsMall can help you now providing you with high-quality services and contractors to help you get a wide variety of designs for your swimming pool and landscaping to fit your budget and your space. Contact us by sending a WhatsApp message to +971505640902

Common questions :

What are the main elements which landscaping companies in Dubai advise you to concentrate on in your landscape?

A swimming pool is a personal choice, and It is an essential element.

Here are the top 10 pool designs you can choose from:

1- Oval Pool

2- Lazy L Pool

3- Rectangle Pool

4- 8 Shape Pool

5- Circular Pool

6- Free Form Pool

7- Geometric Pool

8- Grecian Pool

9- Roman Pool

10- Kidney Pool

Place your pool with care. Position them where they can be seen from key areas of the house if you want them to become an attractive focal point.

Seating Areas Or Dining Areas Outside

Most people prefer to eat their meals outside, under the stars, in pleasant weather; an outdoor dining area is an excellent way to bring new life to your garden.

Pro tip: Remove it during the cooler months and extend it during the hotter months.

Here are some ideas for outdoor dining areas in homes and gardens.

When designing outdoor family seating for gatherings and events, you can use white furniture that is appropriate for the summer and complements nature and the green color.

Covered or uncovered outdoor dining areas are available. By establishing a pergola over the dining table, you can combine fans, lighting, and other decorative elements.

You can use a wooden pergola to shield the seating from the hot summer sun.

Art Walls

Are secondary focal points in the garden. These adaptable design elements can be used in a variety of ways in the garden. A simple design combining wood, plantings, and lighting can be used to renovate the garden wall.

Aside from that, you should prioritize your home gardens before beginning your interior work.

Some people prefer to have a specific corner for waterfall decoration, but this requires a large area, such as villas or large gardens.


Pathways are necessary to facilitate movement between the house's garden and to keep the plants safe. For easy movement, keep pathways at least 1.2-2 meters wide.


Water is one of the most desired elements. It is relaxing because it provides an immediate connection to nature and enhances a simple pathway design or divides a space.

If the swimming pool is out of your budget or you don't have the space, you should consider water features. These are less expensive and can be customized to your preferences.

Light Up Your Garden

Lighting is an important factor. It improves visibility at night and serves as an important safety feature.

Lighting can be used to highlight pathways, water features, plants, and water walls throughout the landscape.

what id the most commonly used lighting?

  • Spotlights: It is a general term for lights that point only in one direction.
  • Flood Lights: Are the most useful of the types of outdoor landscape lights for brightening large areas.
  • Up/Downlights : Uplights can bring figures to life, create patterns on walls, and enhance the appearance of your yard.
  • Step Lights: Step lights can be installed on the walls next to the stairs or on the front, vertical face.
  • Garden Lights: The light is directed downward and slightly outward. Everyone can have a better view.
  • Bollard Lights: The only kinds of outdoor landscape lighting that can shine in all directions
  • String Lights: Are perfect for stringing through trees that are useful for night gatherings.

5 home landscaping decorating ideas from MatsMall experts:

  • Including a decorative fence in the walls of your home garden.
  • Coordination of wooden furniture.
  • A variety of flower pots in various colors.
  • Stones are used as decoration.
  • Invest in lighting.
  • Small indoor garden home design
  • Garden on either side of the house's entrance
  • Garden only on one side of the wall
  • Garden on the wall
  • A garden of small, simple plants

All of these ideas can be implemented in your home's entrance space; there are numerous options for designing a home garden.

Why you have to hire a landscaping company or a garden designer:

Spaces will be properly planned.

Giving advice and counsel.

Construction management.

They are in charge of post-construction maintenance.