Best 15 ideas to design your home entrance in Dubai

Best 15 Tips for your home entrance decorating

Many people neglect to pay attention to the design of the main house entrance, but your home entrance is very important because your home entrance decoration tells everyone about your home decorations and your style, and it can affect visitor’s first impression in addition you can find all that you need to go outside easily, like keys, wallet & etc.

The decoration of the entrance also differs according to the decor of the house, for example, if your house design is modern, you should make the entrance of your home modern too.

تصميم سلم داخلي

Types of house entrances

  • interior house entrance

مدخل فيلا داخلي

  • exterior house entrance

تصميم ديكورات مجالس خارجية بأحجار صناعية

The internal home entrance is also divided into

  • Family main entrance
  • Entrance for guests “reception entrances”
  • Entrance to the kitchen and service

The family home entrance is the main home entrance, and it must contain all of their needs, such as the presence of a key hanger, a shelf for placing personal belongings, and long mirrors to ensure your full appearance before going out.

The guest entrance is another secondary entrance. Some people prefer it to be very simple and emphasize home privacy.

Guest home entrances are usually isolated from the home to maintain your privacy as much as you can.

A private entrance to the kitchen and housekeepers. This entrance is used to transport necessities related to the kitchen, food, etc. It is used by servants and house supervisors.

But is the external and internal home entrance different from the nature of the building? Is that a villa or ?

The external entrance differs from the building entrance, villa entrance, and company entrance. The entrance to the building must be designed with the best and finest materials according to the nature and number of visitors, so it is decorated with pots and plants, adding mirrors and lamps to the entrance of the house in an aesthetic way to give a unique and attractive impression about the building residents.

But the villa entrance and apartment entrance are designed according to your own style. It is designed in a distinctive, attractive, and luxurious style to express the owner’s styles of the distinctive and luxurious home.

  1. تصميم مداخل داخلية للمنازل

The most important tips and factors that you should consider when you are designing an internal home entrance

  • Make sure to take into consideration the distance and the space when you are designing the house entrance, you should start with a 3D architectural design between the main home door and the walls for easy opening and closing of the door in addition to the space to welcome guests or enter freely.
  • Entrance Home decor should be in harmony with the rest of your home decor
  • Entrance flooring should be like the next flooring room for perfect consistency.
  • Choose a shoe cabinet that is distinctive, unique, and matches the rest of the home decor.
  • Add mirrors in the house entrance to help you to look at your appearance before you go out.
  • If your house consists of two floors or more, and the stairs next to your home entrance to the house, take advantage of the space below the stairs and use it according to your needs, such as using it as a shoe closet to hang coats, etc.
  • Pay attention to the entrance lighting decoration, so that you can see all the details clearly, such as your general appearance in the mirrors.
  • Add some baskets of wicker, wood, or something that matches your decor to keep your personal things together.
  • Accessories styles should be elegant like your home decor.
  • Add shelves to put keys and personal belongings. If you want to decorate the entrance to a narrow or small house, use a shelf with a depth of 10 cm as an ideal solution as a decoration for the entrance to the small house.
  • Add frames that match the size of the entrance to your house to get a distinctive aesthetic shape.
  • If your home entrance is small, be sure to choose calm and light colors to give a sense of wideness while decorating with some attractive decorations and artistic touches.
  • Add two chairs or a small sofa with or without a console – entrance tables – for an elegant touch and also to help you rest after a long day.
  • Do not forget to add plants to emphasize the natural touch.
  • Add scents to create a distinct and refreshing feeling from the moment you arrive home.

تصميمات سلالم فلل داخلية

The most important factors that you should consider when designing the entrance to an external house:

  • Interior and exterior designers suggest when designing the home exterior entrance decorations, that the opening of the home exterior door entrance should be different and opposite to the direction of opening the interior door entrance.
  • If there is enough space, you must take into consideration the distance between the main door and the inner door as one of the most important factors for designing.
  • For more privacy, the door opening must be opposite to the sitting in the garden in order to have a simple exterior house entrance with high privacy.
  • Add plants to decorate the entrance of the house from the outside.
  • consider the shape of the entrance staircase from the outside to be consistent and compatible with the design of your home gardens, so you can choose the entrance staircase circular or rectangular

Thus, we conclude the importance of the interior and exterior decorations of the entrance to the house, by adding the entrance chairs to the house to get some rest after arrival or an elegant entrance sofa, in addition to the entrance table to the house to gather your belongings and personal belongings

You can also see pictures of the entrance decorations of the house with various decorations and designs in accordance with the home decor and colors chosen for inspiration, or you can just contact MatsMall, the best interior design company in the Emirates, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Ajman, Bida Zayed, Rak, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and not that And not only, but also all the countries of the Arab world, such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman and all countries of the world, to obtain the opinion of a group of the best interior designers to design the interiors of the entrances to the house through the WhatsApp number: +971505640902

Check this topic to answer some of your questions about interior designing and decoration for both residential projects or commercial:

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