What makes MatsMall different from other design studios in Dubai?

MatsMall Services

MatsMall one of the best interior design companies in dubai offers a wide range of interior and exterior designs for residential projects or commercial projects in different styles and perspectives to meet our clients exception, MatsMall best design studios in dubai will always have more because we offer furniture design services to offer you a full service of turn key solutions.

Why MatsMall?

After thousands of briefs with different budgets has allowed MatsMall experts to work in different sectors and categories like villas, apartments, restaurants, caffe, companies and offices in Dubai and many other projects all over the UAE as we are one of the best design studios in dubai, and we are also offering online designing services around the world.

Furniture designing, MatsMall best interior design companies in dubai also offers a furniture seasoning to give you a full turning key solution.

What makes MatsMall different from others? ؟

      • Very friendly and great listeners
      • Respecting deadlines
      • Professional designers
      • Keeping everything within the budget
      • Full turn key solution

      Our passion is to create spaces which combine both functional and decorative and elegant design to create a harmony between all elements, whether it’s a villa or any other residential project or even a commercial one like a restaurant, salon or a company.
      We always care about your space and how it can look like your personality. One of our purposes is to make each project unique and different from each other.
      MatsMall dubai best interior design company is so glad to work with different clients to create different projects with much love, elegance, beauty and quality.

      We believe in ...

      Beautiful designs can be generated from great interiors, MatsMall dubai best interior design company always aim to meet and exceed our clients expectations but keeping it within the budget, in addition to respecting the project deadline.
      We believe each space has its own beauty but it needs an interior design artist to be shown, even if the place is very small, it can be real, by choosing the right color, furniture and all decoration details.
      MatsMall - best design studios in dubai - believe understanding the clients needs will be very helpful for the project and provide useful information and details about the final design.

      We will take you on a small tour to see a small sample of our designs.

      Bedroom design

      The bedroom design should combine the relaxing mood, unwind and elegance, so you have to make that balance to get your unique one, MatsMall designers - one of the top interior design company in dubai list - will help you to design the perfect one for you.


      Living room

      There is no need to make this kind of searching effort, because living rooms are not as easy as many people may think, but you have to be very careful because it should combine comfy, elegance and functionality together, at MatsMall - best interior design company in dubai list - we have a very talented interior designers to help you in everything.


      Majlis design

      Choosing a majlis design it’s not a choice, because everyone wants to have an elegant one to get your visitors' attention.



      Bathrooms are becoming luxurious, attractive and comfy at the same time because bathrooms are so crowded with family members all day so it should look like you and your personality.

      If you have a problem or are very worried about your bathroom layout or design, MatsMall - top interior design companies in dubai - interior designers will help you to design a functional layout.


      Dressing room

      Dressing room design should match the rest of your home design and match your styles and your personality, some people prefer to make it a part of your bedroom or dedicate a room for it.

      Dressing room is becoming a priority for many people to organize their clothes.


      Kids bedroom

      Designing the kids bedroom is one of the most difficult things in your home, because you have to choose the perfect color for your children's bedroom, furniture and all decoration items.

      Most important kids bedroom tip is to design a room decor that will be perfect after many years, MatsMall dubai design company team will help you to get an attractive design.


      Kitchen design

      Kitchen styles layout usually depends on the space, some prefer t shaped or v design or l shape, if you prefer specific style or shape, MatsMall best design studios in dubai will help you to design it, by making a 3D layout to help you to imagine.



      Dining rooms

      The dining room is the room where the whole family gathers to eat. Some people prefer to design the dining room with the kitchen or with the living but many people prefer to design it in a spirit room.



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