Interior Staircase Design Ideas

Since it makes it simple to move between floors and rooms, the internal staircase is a crucial component in the design of villas or big houses.

Despite having a specific purpose, the staircase design can improve a home’s overall décor.

The use of stairs is not limited to simply going from one floor to another.

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What Material is The Staircase Made of?

Although concrete or steel can also be used to construct the stair structure, wood is the most common material. There are many different shapes, sizes, and designs for handrails made of wood, metal, or glass, and combining different materials opens up a world of stair options. Any suitable material, including brick, stone, masonry wood, steel, or solid cement concrete, may be used to construct the ladder.

Ideas for Home Interior Stair Design

The design of the interior stairs varies from house to house, and frequently, the stairs’ design dictates the amount of space in the home.

Straight stair design

It is the most popular, least expensive, and simplest stair design. The design does not require any additional support. The ease of attaching railings and handrails is a plus for this design.

L-shaped stairs design:

A quarter-turn staircase is another name for it; it is also known as a quarter-turn stair. The broader landing of the L-shaped staircase saves room, is simpler to navigate around, and will be a great addition to the stair design. 

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spiral staircase: 

The spiral staircase of the house is designed around a pillar in such a way that when viewed from above it becomes a complete circle. These are ideal for small spaces such as beach houses and modern apartments. Since stairs do not require additional support, the central column and landing provide structural support.

Hanging stairs:

 These are very space-saving and can be used in a library room or loft apartment. The escalator design is a compact and cost-effective escalator. The wheels or folds on the ladder can be used to move it out of the way when not in use or to restrict movement.

simple circular staircase:

The circular staircase is enclosed in glass instead of rails. Varnish is used to give wood a luster and uniqueness. Its steps are easy to manage. This type of staircase is also called a spiral staircase

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Stairs lighting ideas

Your staircase can be lit in a number of different ways. Again, your preference and any architectural restrictions will determine which approach you take. Here are the three main techniques to add lighting to a staircase in your house.

  • wall light
  • step illumination
  • stairway lights

Find out more here about industrial lighting.

تصميمات مداخل فلل تصميمات مداخل فلل

How to make the most of the staircase

You can use the space of the inner stairs for hidden storage or design a cozy corner.

 New ideas from the designers of MatsMall

  • Secret laundry room
  • Hidden storage units
  • Small children’s playroom
  • Books Corner
  • Pets Corner

تصميمات مداخل فلل تصميمات مداخل فلل تصميمات مداخل فلل

When designing and installing interior staircases, there are several crucial safety factors to take into account. To have your interior staircase renovated, get in touch with MatsMall, the top interior design company in Dubai. Send a WhatsApp message to the number +971505640902 to schedule a consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I decorate my staircase?

You can use frames, paintings, mirrors, or handmade items.

Which color is best for the staircase?

a staircase always needs to be painted in light colors as they induce positive energy in the space

What can I put on my stairs instead of the carpet?

For a variety of reasons, laminate flooring ranks among the most popular alternatives to carpets on stairs. As a brilliantly affordable substitute for pricey carpeting, laminate floors are significantly less expensive than other carpet alternatives.

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