Tips Before Choosing a Fireplace in Your Home Decor

The home fireplace was one of the foundations of the old classic house, as they used it at night to stay warm in winter, and owners of villas and palaces still prefer it in their home interior design. In this article, we will talk about the most popular fireplace designs as a group.

The decorative features of the fireplace

The fireplace adds a timeless aesthetic to any living space, making it cozier and more elegant.
But in order to fit modern living rooms and those who prefer simple interior design, fireplace designs have evolved to become more contemporary.
The most common heaters today are modern ones, particularly in Arab homes and Dubai.

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Different Fireplace Designs

Over time, fireplace designs have evolved to suit all modern homes, where the fireplace will be the center of attention for both the residents and their guests. Materials that you can use in fireplace designs include:

  • Red Bricks
  • the wood
  • ceramic
  • marble

Types of Fireplaces

There are 4 different types of heaters you can select for your home, and the engineer Wissam Hamdi explains their distinctions in this context:

Electric fireplace: In terms of shape, it resembles a wood heater. It operates without emitting fumes or odors, is affordable and simple to maintain, uses little energy when in use, is simple to clean, and comes in a range of sizes from 60 cm to two meters.

Wood fireplace: requires a depth of at least 70 cm, so it takes up a lot of room in the room where it is placed. It has a conventional design, but it reduces the amount of heat in the room more than other types.

Gas fireplace: compared to a wood-burning, controllable heater, effectively accomplishes its intended purpose, emits relatively few fumes, and is more affordable.
Ethanol fireplace
: It functions by creating a flame of ethyl alcohol, which is a volatile liquid substance, but it is clean for the environment and does not emit the smell of burning. It is an alternative to all the heater types previously mentioned.

How to select the right place for the Fireplace

Carefully consider the decor and furniture when selecting the wall on which to place the fireplace.
To create a unified space with a TV screen, a set of bookcases, and decorative objects, the fireplace can be attached to the room’s main wall.

Tips before choosing the Fireplace

– Find a place where the heater can be put that won’t obstruct movement or be likely to fall on carpets or furniture.

– Children should not be left unattended or allowed to play near heaters.

– Keep the heater away from flammable items like curtains.

– Use caution when using the heater, especially if there are children present.

– For fear of fire or suffocation, keep an eye on the heater and never leave it open while you’re sleeping.

– Maintain a useful fire blanket and get comfortable using it.

Finally, you must understand how to handle each type of fireplace according to its nature given the variety of heaters used during the winter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a garden fireplace?

You can quickly establish an outdoor fireplace in your garden using red bricks and cement, and you can customize its exterior design however you like.

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