French Wall Paneling in Interior Design

French decor is known as the most luxurious decor, as it is the best option for homeowners who appreciate the classic decor.

A brief history of French-style wall decoration

To add a warm aesthetic touch to the marble-dominated spaces, which are known for their extreme cold, walls covered with wood became popular in the seventeenth century, especially in France.
Later, the concept was introduced in a few nations, including Germany, England, and Russia.

French wooden borders, which are used for walls, doors, cabinets, and ceilings in palace interior design, have evolved to the point where they are painted in a variety of ways, such as using two different color shades or adding gold to them.

What is meant by paneling and when did it first appear?

Paneling is a prominent wall design that can be a frame for a painting or can be used to draw attention to a beautiful feature of the home.
The concept of paneling first gained traction in France in the seventeenth century and has continued to evolve with French decor to this day. Some families select them because they reflect sophistication and luxury and give the home a classy and appealing appearance.

The materials used in the wall Paneling

There are several types of wall paneling to suit all tastes and all homes, as: Wood, the traditional type popular in the French style, has the ability to withstand friction.

Gypsum paneling is preferred by some because they are among the cheapest types of wall paneling.

GRC or fiber-reinforced cement is one of the most expensive types of bathtubs on the market today, as it is characterized by its ability to withstand water and moisture.

Fabric panels have recently spread as a modern alternative to classic panels.

Advantages of using wood for wall coverings

The room has a sense of beauty, elegance, and a natural appearance because of the wood on the walls.
Additionally, it protects the wall and makes cleaning easier by acting as an insulator of sound and heat.
Nowadays, most homeowners cover their walls with wood instead of painting them for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Choosing traditional panels that complement modern design is simple; just be sure to pick the types, contemporary materials, and complementary hues that will give the home a fresh feel while preserving its historical aesthetic.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How To apply panels to a wall?
  • Cut all panels.
  • Put adhesive on the panels frame.
  • Install four screws on the upper sides.
  • Lay the panels on the wall, starting at the corner of the wall.
  • Ensure that the inner side of the board is positioned vertically.

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