Many of us may feel a little bit confused when they hear about the importance of commercial interior design! What does commercial interior design mean? Is there a difference between commercial and residential interior design? If the commercial interior design has an effect on your profit? But you don’t have to worry! We will help you with tips you may need to get the best result, so we will start with the meaning of commercial interior design.

What is Commercial Interior Design?

The importance of it is to save the space to help you have the best design for your company or any other building, the designer must know the best planning for your space, and to go beyond the decoration, and the best material for building and decorating and the most important thing to know how much the interior design will affect the human behavior in any place like company environment.

designing commercial interiors not just focusing on commercial office design but also focusing on restaurants, hospitals, and stores and the internal environment.

The most important aspect in commercial interior design is to control the business functionality throughout the space and the functionality.

What is the difference between interior design for commercial spaces & residential?

The difference between residential and commercial interior design is the residential is focusing on your home decoration whether it’s a villa or an apartment or a house design with commercial space to make it comfy and looks like you and your personality.

On the other hand, the commercial interior design services are focusing on commercial building interior design of your work space and the best planning to save a space.

interior design commercial projects and Residential have different needs and different functions.

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MatsMall not just specialized in commercial design interiors but it’s a turnkey company they provide many services like:

  • Interior residential design
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  • Architectural
  • Exterior design
  • Landscaping designs
  • Furniture design

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What should corporate interior design companies know before starting?

  • They should know the business category to know which color matches this field.
  • The commercial interior designer should know the function of the company and the workplace and the connection between each office like how they will interact with other offices in the work process to make it flawless.
  • Commercial fitout company is also has to know how the process of the work, and each department works with whom! to make it easy for everyone and to reduce wasting time.
  • They have to have the imagination to draw the best layout to keep the customer updated with each tiny detail.
  • The best commercial interior designers have to understand how the space should be organized to get the best scenario.
  • The commercial interior designers should know the establishing the priorities of the designing project.
  • They have to think about the worst scenario and make an exit for any emergency case.
  • They have to respect the deadline and to be sure everything is done like the customer wants before it.
  • The contract or documents have to contain all the details and aspects of the construction of the design to avoid any misunderstanding and They have to ensure the project stays on-time and within the budget too.
  • All the details should be approved by the client.

How the commercial office interior design affect the profit ?

The interior decoration plays a very important role to maximize the profit, like a hotel, if the designer has the best space planning he can increase the number of rooms to get the maximum number of guests without destroying the structure or the layout or to lose guest satisfaction!

We can implement this example in any other scenario like a restaurant or whatever you want, so if you want to maximize the profit, you have to be very careful when you are choosing the commercial interior design firms.

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Finally it’s not about planning and structuring, at the end and after establishing they have to be very careful when they are choosing decoration style that suit the business needs like colors, fabric, furniture, or decoration items and accessories to transform this place to the most beautiful and comfy place, to help employees to work effectively and more easier and love to be apart of the business.

The interior design is very complex whether it’s for a new space or renovating an existing one, but you don’t have to worry because MatsMall, one of the top commercial interior design firms has the best commercial interior designers in dubai and they are always available to discuss all wants and your needs.