Latest garden corridor tile designs

Tiles are a specially manufactured material for decorating floors, walls, and countertops to give them a beautiful look and make them more pure and practical.

Therefore, when designing garden paths, you must choose the best types of tiles to achieve an integrated exterior appearance suitable for the garden. Together we will learn about the types of tiles and how they have evolved over the years.

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The Persians were the first to know and use tiles, but after Islamic conquests, Muslims improved and spread them throughout the world by using them to decorate ancient palaces and mosques. The tiles are made of porcelain, metal, glass, and polished stone, and the types of tiles differ depending on their intended use.


There are different types of tiles, there are natural ones, and some are manufactured:

  • Stoneware.
  • Marble.
  • Natural stone.
  • Porcelain.

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Latest garden tile ideas

There are many different types of garden flooring that can be used to decorate your home garden, so choose a type of tile or flooring that fits your budget and home style, as well as a type of garden floor that is climate-resistant and easy to maintain.

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Choose what suits you from the following:

  1. stone tiles
  2. paving floors
  3. pottery floors
  4. terracotta tiles
  5. concrete
  6. stones
  7. wooden floor
  8. gravel floor
  9. rubber floor

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How to pave the garden path

Corridors are essential in garden design because they connect the garden's entrances and all of its parts. They also make it easier to move around and walk around the garden. When constructing the path garden, keep the following points in mind:

  • Garden paths and walkways typically have slopes of 1–1.5% of the garden's length or width.
  • The width of the garden paths should not be less than 60 cm for each person to walk with ease and comfort.
  • Determine the shortest path between two points anywhere in the garden.
  • Visual appearances should be paid attention to throughout the path to provide a fun, diverse look and a clear view of the entire garden.

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Concrete: is distinguished by its ability to support heavy weights, such as the easy passage of cars through the garden. Concrete also allows you to pour tiles in various shapes easily in the garden, and it allows you to control the color, texture, and final shape.

Stones: One of the benefits of stones is their durability and lack of need for ongoing maintenance; granite is the most common material used in garden paths.

Bricks: Red bricks are one of the best materials for weather resistance, low maintenance, and a wide range of textures, colors, sizes, and shapes.

Tiles: You can choose from marble tiles, mosaics, or pottery tiles in the garden corridors, you can choose from marble tiles, mosaics, or pottery tiles. It also provides a variety of colors, textures, and sizes, but some people dislike it because the texture is unsuitable for outdoor facilities and large spaces.


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