7 Ideas to Get Best New Classic Decor

If you like luxury decor but you prefer functionality decor and comfy furniture and want to get them all, we will tell you the secret.

The secret word is new classic decor or modern classic decor, because new classic has the mixture between modern decor and classic, in addition to the new classic has both benefits of luxury decor and functionality of modern decor, new classic is your best choice.

Classic Decor:

The classic style is characterized by luxury, specially luxury new classic furniture, in addition to large and heavy furniture, many decorations items, luxurious prints, large golden chandeliers with luxurious crystals, and elegant metal candle holders to design a luxury classic hall, all of this is the opposite of what distinguishes the modern style.

Modern Style:

The modern style is characterized by simplicity, sophistication design, small size of furniture, and the most important thing is functionality and comfort, in addition to sharp lines, angles, and the use of metals in decoration design.

What is the new classic style?

The Neo-classical decor combines the best features and advantages of a classic decor and the best contemporary of modern decor. You can get luxury, elegance, simplicity and practicality by making a classic interior and modern design at the same time which means modern classic design.

But what are the bases through which you can design or change and transform your home into the best home decor?

The most important foundations that you must follow to get a neo classic house decor


Colors are the main driver that can add energy or create a place for a sense of calm, so choose calm and simple colors that do not cause a lot of noise in the place, such as gray or matte blue and other colors, while gold is used much less than many think as one of the colors Classic as you can use colorful patterned pillows and colorful wallpaper.


New Classic furniture is made of wood with a simple design, and luxurious fabrics are chosen to add a luxurious classic design touch to your home furniture, but do not forget to choose a new classic furniture in sizes commensurate with the existing or available space of the room. This is one of the features that distinguishes the modern style. You can exploit small and medium spaces, but luxurious and elegant at the same time.

New classic furniture can also be chosen with simple patterns and decorations in calm and simple colors, unlike the furniture used in a classic style, and mirrors, wood and metal are added to mix between the classic decor and the modern style, but in matte colors.

The rooms are decorated by adding figurines and luxurious vases, and installing simple curtains with simple and light patterns to add an aesthetic shape. To emphasize the classic style and add a sophisticated and distinctive touch, the chandelier should not be overemphasized in obtaining a classic design. Avoid the luxurious chandelier and choose one that can be coordinated with the neo classical style or as some call it Neoclassic.

Flooring decor

Interior designers at MatsMall “best interior and exterior design company in the UAE” prefer choosing neutral floors in classic and modern styles, because it takes a large space and can affect your home design, so you have to choose one neutral to achieve the balance. Like wooden floors are often used in warm, calm colors or marble floors are used in new classic majlis in large space, especially when you are designing the decorations of arab councils that we mentioned before, and luxury consistent carpets colors with the rest of the elements in the room such as soft colors or adding a unique and different touch such as leather for floors.

Balance and contrast in rooms

When choosing a modern classic, you should pay attention to the decor constantly by checking the balance between the decorative elements and furniture in your lovely home and in all rooms.

Like you have to make sure that the two sides of the room match and have the symmetry in a way that can affect your room style in a bad way the style and general decor to create an unparalleled harmony and to feel comfortable looking at any of the existing elements.


It is the main key to obtain the neo classic interior design. There is many ways to have the balance that can be created, whether by achieving it through the focal point of the room, or by symmetry or by reversing one end of the room with the other half of the room, or by contrast and the presence of one of the decor or furniture elements, such as a sofa can make the balance with the library on the same room.

This decoration can be designed not only in the living rooms or when designing modern classic councils or designing neo-classical kitchens and designing bedrooms and bathrooms, but you can also get a neo-classical exterior design.

7 ideas for an attractive neo-classic decor

  • Add wall moldings to the dining room, living room, and majlis
  • Add a wide cornice to the ceiling
  • Add to the crystal chandeliers to the ceiling
  • Add to the entrance to the houses two chairs decorated with golden and console
  • Add mirrors
  • Add decorative wallpaper on walls

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