What is Artificial Lighting?

We previously talked about natural lighting in interior design and some of its disadvantages and advantages, today we will discuss artificial lighting types and how to choose the best for your home or your company interior design. 

Artificial lighting is the lighting resulting from electric lamps, as natural lighting cannot provide adequate lighting for a person to practice all his activities at all times.   Industrial lighting is divided into three main types: general lighting, spot lighting, and focused lighting.

Artificial lighting

Types of artificial lighting in interior design

Artificial lighting is divided into 3 types, each type is important in your day to help you to achieve your purpose or relax. We will talk about them in detail and how to choose between them and the best tips for using lighting by MatsMall experts, the best interior design company in Dubai. 

General lighting: 

It is the lighting that lights up an entire room without focusing on some corners or sides. وعا  You usually find the lighting button after entering the room, so we press it to light up the entire room.

Artificial lighting

Spot lighting: 

Spot lighting is that which illuminates a specific part or place of the room to help you with your tasks or your daily routine such as reading or cooking, Spot lighting is characterized by being above or next to the thing that you want to highlight such as  

  • Paintings or pictures hanging on the walls.
  • Libraries in the living room.
  • Vases

Spot lighting is also used in your house garden to highlight trees at night or to illuminate the paths. 

Spot lighting

Focused lighting: 

Focused lighting is characterized by its light that highlights the beauty of your home and is represented by lighting units that are a piece of art in itself. You must choose them with taste that suits your home decor and achieves its practical purpose at the same time. You can choose between chandeliers, floor lighting units, or sconces.

Focused lighting

If you want to choose the best types of lighting for your home and do not know how! Here we go, MatsMall designers, one of the best interior design companies in Dubai can help you design the best decorations inside and outside the UAE. 

The importance of industrial lighting in interior design  

Spot lighting is an essential part of interior design. It is what distinguishes your home and makes it more light and clear. It also helps you in carrying out and accomplishing tasks at home without feeling out of sight. Therefore, when designing the house,you must choose the appropriate type of lighting for each room. You should start with general lighting first, then focused lighting and spot lighting. That is, “the transition from the general to the particular,” explains the lighting designer at MatsMall the best decoration company in Dubai.

تصميم داخلي

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Disadvantages of industrial lighting  

The right lighting can dramatically change your room's atmosphere, it can enhance your decor colors, and it can also be useful for defining different areas of your home. For example, it can be used to highlight building elements, spaces, panels, textures, and features, and to create focal points. 

Not choosing the appropriate lighting can affect your home décor and your activity inside the house, because light affects the person as well as the environment around him.

industrial lighting design

What does MatsMall expert prefer when designing?

MatsMall interior and exterior design company in Dubai, they recommend knowing the people living in the house and the type of tasks they do inside it, if they prefer simple lighting or more light to do their tasks?  Answering these questions helps interior designers to choose the best types of lighting for a home, so you must determine your priorities in the home.  

interior design company

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