Best ideas for interior design trends 2022 in UAE

Check out the latest design trends which are designed by MatsMall experts to help you to get a unique decor for your home or your company according to the latest design trends that offer a classy and uniqueness, for sure one of those designs will catch your eyes.

Home Libraries

One of the latest ideas which are designed by MatsMall experts which has become a priority is the interest of designing a home library that contains their most favorite books away from the use of mobile or computers. MatsMall offers you the latest home libraries design that suit the design of your home in an elegant and classy way.

Natural Elements

One of the best design ideas in 2022 is adding a natural touch in your home like what MatsMall interior designers experts added in this dining room, such as natural colors such as beige, golden and brown, all of these colors help you to feel relaxed and calm, as we present to you this elegant design from one of the most talented Matsmall designers.

Bold Patterns and Colors

In this photo MatsMall experts decided to use bold and explicit colors such as green and yellow and patterns such as panoramas, reminiscent of the wonderful classic patterns of the sixties and seventies, this room was designed for lovers of classic style according to MatsMall clients’ opinion.

3D Art

OOne of the latest design trends that many design experts in the world have turned to, according to the unique touch, is 3D decorations and patterns like the decoration in this bedroom which was designed by MatsMall, as this decoration adds a different and classy touch to the world of design in 2022.

Mindful Spaces

In the latest designs of 2022, a lot of people turned to implementing a decorations looks like their personality or what they prefer most in colors and patterns, so the designer has a new challenge, which is how to implement an elegant and distinctive decorations such as what the customer prefers and what is similar to his interests and what can be implemented Distinctively and elegantly, but it’s not a problem for MatsMall Clients' because it’s one of our features.

Curved Furnishings

Curved furniture creates a unique touch, a fresh and soft wavy feeling, from curved corners and cabinets to curved backs of sofas and chairs, at MatsMall we offer furniture designing services to make the decoration perfect.

Home Office Interior Design

Having home offices is one of the most important decoration trends in 2022. Even if you do not have a designated space or specific room to design your office in, but with MatsMall is not a problem because an office can be designed in the living room, bedroom, or in any corner of the rooms of the house. The purpose of interior design is to design something you want to get it, solve problems, coordinate and connect all rooms.

Leather Furniture

One of the indispensable materials throughout the ages is leather. Leather adds a distinctive, upscale and luxurious decorative touch to any place. In this design, Matsmall designers used leather to obtain unparalleled high-end furniture.

Outdoor Furniture

Choosing outdoor furniture is one of the most important things in exterior design, so you should pay attention to choosing good furniture so that it is not affected by external factors and keeps pace with the latest decoration ideas for 2022 but don’t worry with MatsMall exterior designers will help you to choose the best materials.


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