Learn how to make the most of your studio apartment’s space

Know how to select the right furniture for your studio apartment from matsmall's designers.
A bedroom design that fits in a small studio apartment.
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Bright painting colors make you feel more space in the studio apartment.
شقة اجمل مكان
Know how to manage your space right by choosing small furniture.
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 use versatile furniture such as a sofa bed or a bed with an internal cabinet.
The following are the most often asked questions by our clients about the issues that must be considered before creating studio apartments:
What is Studio apartment concept?

The studio apartment is a small space with one large room that includes the bedroom, living room, a simple kitchen, and a small bathroom with no clear separations between them. Studio apartments are made up of one or two rooms and no more; they are distinguished by their small size and are ideal for those looking for a low-cost rental, expatriates, or temporary housing for a few people.

What are the characteristics of studio apartments?

Studio apartments, like any other residential unit, have advantages and disadvantages that we will explore together:

First, its benefits:
– The studio apartment has a small area, which makes movement easier.
– Because it’s small, it’s simple to clean and maintain.
– You do not require big or bulky furniture.
– Its rent is much lower than that of traditional apartments with large areas.

Second, there are some disadvantages:

– Because the apartment is small, it is difficult to allocate a children’s room or to receive a group of friends.
– Large decorative items and storage units are not permitted.
– Studio apartments are frequently dark and poorly ventilated.

Studio apartment design ideas

To design studio apartments, you must choose simple furniture and decorations because the space of the apartment does not allow for the presence of large items. Follow these tips to design a great studio apartment:

  • Separate your bedroom and living room with wooden dividers.
  • Choose light paint colors to give the apartment a feeling of space.
  • Curtains that reach from ceiling to floor add a luxurious touch.
  • Choose low, comfortable sofas.
  • Select the proper lighting is selected and distributed it.
Tips for making the most of your Studio Apartment
  • Tips to consider when designing studio apartments with a small area to enjoy:

    • To store clothes, use versatile furniture such as a sofa bed or a bed with an internal cabinet.
    • Avoid the traditional library in favor of hanging shelves, which add a modern touch to the décor while also helping to maximize the house’s horizontal space.
    • Colors play an important role in comfort, so choose light and neutral colors like beige, grey, and white.
    • Choose wooden floors and furniture because they are the ideal solution for creating a chic and warm atmosphere in your home.

    The interior designers at MatsMall also recommend placing the bed and furniture next to the wall rather than in the center of the room because it will provide places to sit while also reducing traffic in the house.

    If you have any additional questions about the design of small studio apartments in Dubai, please contact us via WhatsApp at +971505640902.

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