Latest trendy living room designs ideas in Dubai

Get inspired by the latest living room designs ideas in dubai

Discover the ​best living room designs that match your personality to make it comfy, because we spend a lot of time there, that’s where the family gathers every day to take a rest after a long day so it has to be comfortable and functional at the same time. That’s where you watch your TV, computers or your laptop, so it has to be perfect to help you to relax or watch your favorite movie.

The secret of having great living room designs !!!

You will find a variety of best living room interior design ideas; that have classic, modern, contemporary, elegant, simple, arch and luxury styles in different schemes of colors that match your house interior designs. Add a unique mandir design for living room to your classic design with a pop or make it modern with a simple modern false ceiling, half wall tiles and floor tiles all of those will be great. Check a wide variety of living chamber styles and ideas in different colors and set up to inspire you and help you to find your beloved outline

Is the larger chamber better than the smallest one?

Many people think a large space will make them happy! But a chamber either has a large or small space. It's not the secret, the secret is to take advantage of the space you already have. So it’s not with space but with a well organized! We will discuss how you can design a small living area ?! But there are common rules you have to follow to guide you to the luxuries!

Most important tip to have a luxurious and comfortable living room!

First you have to know the meaning of luxury is different from one to another, because maybe I like a traditional living room. Maybe you like a modern living room design, You may like adding a curtain living room, maybe another one will not like it, because everyone has his own taste of luxury.

1- Make it look like you!

It’s not about the amount of money you'll spend, but how you can use your living room space and add important details to make it look great, it’s all about how you can put everything in the right place?

2- Keep your living room design simple

It’s the most important tip to keep your living room simple, because over-accessorization is very far from the luxuries, because you don't want it looks messy and remove all unnecessary things and anything that doesn't match the rest of your room's home decor. keep only important and matching items. Simple design living room always win!

3- Lightning

Make your light look like art, lighting design is very important in your living room interior design, choose a unique chandelier that has a good light and match your personality and your room’s decoration. Make it dimmable, if you add a TV on a shelf in your tv wall unit , make it dimmable to make a great night movie with your friends and enjoy the watching.

4- Invest in your wall

As we mentioned before it’s not about the many things you add, but choose carefully one or two statement art and unique photo wall, make wall designs and your statement art on your wall mounted to emphasize your living room design.

5- furniture

When you are buying your living room sofa, choose the most comfy sofa set in your favorite material but keep it high end to last longer, because that’s where you can gather your family or watch a night movie together.

Best decorating for your small living room ideas

Living room decorating ideas, is about adding your favorite items and textiles together, choosing your favorite colors for all items in your chamber, like carpets, mirrors, cushions, if you will add a cabinet or not, ceiling fan and indoor plant ideas and more than that.

Minimalist design of living room

Making a strong contribution between modern twist on classic mood and going greeny, natural backdrop or simple or 3D wallpaper designs for living room to allow the bright and natural look, choose elegant simple lines adding, a contemporary sofa with a colorful cover like in red or gray if you like it, adds an amazing touch to your living room designs.

Colors make magic.

If you want your living room to be joyful, add colors, choosing the right background palette like muted pink will work very well with white color, to make a breathing space to relax and charge your soul again for starting a new day.

colors help to sit all elements together happily and diversify it.

Fresh living room

Going green is not just for saving the environment but is saving your soul again and refreshing your mind again. Green and white colors are your best choice if you like natural living room decor ideas and style and it will look amazing for a small living space. Using natural materials like wood and woven rattan is essential for modern living space design to ensure modern feels, by keeping it light and simple.

Make it suit your family routines

in addition to making your living room design match your lifestyle and your personality, it has to fit and suit your family daily routine, if you always watching TV together in a comfy dark brown couch or grey or beige, design a tv cabinet, if your children studying there make it comfortable for them, so our advice here is, make it looks like you and match your routine.

If you have a large living room you can divide it to small modern partition wall or a design of divider, or semi-permanently without closing it with walls or doors. Gather your family together and watch them closely while you are watching them closely while they are doing different activities.

Add a Hang Chair

Adding a hang up chair creates a playful and joyful touch to ensure the perfect cozy and cool look.

Creative ideas to decorate your small living room

There are many questions you may ask. How can you organize your space? Should you set up a dining hall with a glass showcase or cupboard there, too? Is the space cluttered or too empty? How can I choose the size of the furniture?

We will help you to answer all those questions, because no matter your problem, interior designs will help you.

It can be difficult for living room decorating ideas as a small area, there is always a way to find a solution, choose small and lightweight furniture. 

Plan very well for every inch of your floor space in your apartment.

 Matsmall will help you to outline your small chamber and make it very organized not just in dubai but worldwide too.

Right furniture

Choosing the right size of the furniture is very important, because if you don’t have enough space for the dining room, living room, office room or your open kitchen designs with the living room design with a bar or your living and dining room in the same space and add a divider design cabinet so you have to set up a creative plan for designing to make one open area instead of a small tiny area, choosing the right furniture is the first step.

If your living room ceiling design is high and small space it littely a blessing because you can use the length of the wall in a smart way to make it look larger than the actual by adding mirror, walls or high wall shelves, choosing a small sofa and tv panel.

Mirrors is the secret

Full wall mirrors make small spaces look larger because it’s the best way for a tiny room, it gives you a feel of open air.

A sense of structure

Try to add liner prints and designs to give an illusion of things length and width and a sense of structure.

Use different colors for separate space

If your living area contains different purposes like dining with a table for studying, choose a specific color/ color block for each purpose to take advantage of each space.

Make it white

White is the best color that makes a place look larger than the actual size, simple wall painting especially white is a very beautiful color and will match all the decoration items.

Add a smart light

Make your small living room designs look bigger using light, through using a smart lightning or through a large window like in floor lamps, chandeliers, and task lights.

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