Mediterranean style in home design

Decor in the Mediterranean style should be airy, relaxed, sunny, and clean.

They are distinguished by white and azure sea stucco, terracotta, and richly colored glazed ceramics, much like the interior design of coastal cities in Spain, France, Italy, and North Africa.

Mediterranean design should always feel like a breath of fresh air in your home; it shouldn’t be cluttered or challenging to implement.

Together, we learn from the interior design professionals in the UAE at MatsMall about the critical components of Mediterranean design.

What is the Mediterranean style in interior design?

Southern European nations’ simple and romantic aesthetics are reflected in the Mediterranean style of interior decorating, which makes extensive use of natural materials like cotton, wood, wrought iron, and light, warm colors.
The aesthetic combines comfort, simplicity, and boldness.

What makes the Mediterranean style unique?

The Mediterranean style is distinguished by neutral walls of white and natural wood, making it an ideal choice for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room.

It also highlights the use of natural materials in home interior design, such as white plaster, sky blue, terracotta, and richly colored glazed ceramics for the floors.

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