Best Interior Design Tips for Small Apartments by MatsMall Experts

The interior design of the house is something that you should pay attention tointerior design but how do you choose a design for your small apartments?  But in this article,we also share with you some small apartment design ideas for your home as a design guide> to help you brainstorm to choose a simple home decor to highlight the beauty of a small apartment without the need to use huge and large furniture and decor. 

Read on for the best design tips for small apartments!

small apartment decor

Small apartment design ideas 

Some people ask about how to design small apartments and here the interior designer will help you, MatsMall experts offers a 3D designs for any apartment before starting the delivery, which helps you to choose and change things before implementation MatsMall is the best interior design company in Dubai for many clients inside and outside the UAE. 

In fact, decorating a small apartment can be easier than trying to fill a large space and it is also much cheaper. 

The first step to decorate a small apartment is to get rid of some of the “rules” that you have always lived through in society such as giving up some unimportant furniture and replacing it with more functional one, choose the right light, calming colors for the wall. 

You may need a furniture design company to design your functional home furniture and smart sizes. You can use a sofa as a bed in your living room to get the best benefit from the sofa and the bed at the same time. Therefore, we advise you to contact the designers of MatsMall, as they are the best in designing small apartments inside and outside Dubai.

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Tips for choosing the best design for a small apartment 

1- Choose clear furniture 

Furniture is a very important factor in the design of apartments in general, and small apartments need simple and functional furniture more than the large and bulky furniture. functional furniture helps you feel space, comfortable and easy to move around the house.

2- Keep furniture off the floor

This technique is one of the best tips for designing small apartments, using a sofa with long legs of wood and placing it away from the floor makes the room appear wider and larger.

3- Choose an attractive and simple rug  

One of the best design ideas for small apartments is to cover unattractive floors with a beautiful and elegant rug.Choosing the size of the carpet is very important as it defines the areas in the interior design that can make your apartment more spacious.

4- 4- Divide the available space with the available furniture 

You can use the available furniture in the separation between two rooms without the need for a door or a partition of wood, you can separate the living room and the dining room using the dining table and put it behind the sofa.

5- Use your space vertically

You may not have a lot of square meters in your apartment, but you can make the most of it by going vertical. This is why one of our favorite small apartment design ideas is to use bookcases in creative ways!

6- Lighting distribution  

Whether your preferred type of lighting is artificial lighting or natural lighting, you can distribute it correctly in small apartments to feel more spacious. Learn about the types of lighting and how to use it from here.

7- Painting the walls 

Wall colors are one of the most important design factors, as bright light colors add to your home joy and spaciousness. Choose calm colors that go with your small home and home decor.

8- floor type 

Use small-sized tiles or ceramics that make you feel spacious in small places. It is also preferable to use one-color and quiet tiles in small apartments.

9- Use mirrors to give a sense of space

You can not ignore the use of mirrors in small spaces, as it adds space to the space and makes the house appear larger than it is.

10- Horizontal storage

Using shelves for horizontal storage is better than storage because it saves more space than vertical storage.

Pictures of small apartment decorations

After we showed you the best ideas for designing small apartments, now we will show you MatsMall previous designs for small apartments. 

ديكور شقة صغير

small apartment decor

If you want to design your small apartment, you can get a free consultation through the help of design and decoration experts at MatsMall




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