Latest designs and decoration for councils and lounges

Council decorations

Arab Councils

The Council is the place where guests gather for family visits and gatherings and is a cornerstone of the house, an indispensable room. If you want to design a grand council with attractive furniture and colors that are prominent and intertwined with a beautiful East-Arab shape, you want to take care of the minute, small and large details of the design, and take care of the side lighting, which reflects the wall carvings with their elegant appearance, with the chandelier having the lighting spread out creatively throughout the room. Mats Mall engineers and designers are able to perform these designs with great artistic excellence, stylish styles, Modern designs, Arab, Islamic designs, and other designs available to us that have been realistically implemented to our customers all around Dubai. Our goal is to create a sensei interior that makes you proud when your guests come to you

Design Council

Luxurious men Council

Mats Mall Indoor Design Company in Dubai owns the best team of interior decorators for the councils, so all the designs that the company makes available are a product of constant thinking, updating, and work that shows a satisfactory result due to the importance of the council room because it is one of the most important features of Arab and Islamic houses which are luxurious and sophisticated. This is evident in the furniture, decoration, and color of this design, which is impressive to all taste and prestige. The council's design was based on the luxurious decoration, the distinctive wall design in the form of art, a large, lavish crystal in the middle of the ceiling, and the variety of accessories used in a stylish symmetry that reflects the aesthetic form of the space

Modern lounges.

2021 ballroom decor

An innovative design, based on luxurious decorations and sketched wall design, with large, lavish crystal shavings in the middle of the ceiling. The design is based on the variety of accessories used in a stylish symmetry that reflects the aesthetic of the space

Colorful lounge paints

Luxury halls

Pictures of Modern 2021 decoration hall designs apply to the most luxurious villas, palaces, and large houses due to the large size of the furniture, carcasses, decoration, and accessories, the implementation of which requires large Spaces, and we have a catalog of all the photos and ideas developed to design luxurious lounges to receive guests. An elegant council design that blended beige and brown decorations and furniture while beautiful classic curtains were chosen to add splendor to the room, adding carvings and decorations on the wall in a distinctive and beautiful way that interfered with details from the marble, adding a fascinating touch to the decoration