All of us dreamed about how our interior villa design will look, because each one of us has his own ideas, expectations, desires, favorite, and of course their own style.

Some of us want a smart luxury modern home, some of us prefer a luxury classic house design while others just want a nice pool or a small garden, MatsMall will help you to figure out what exactly you need and want to get the best house designs in dubai.

First of all you have to create architectural plans and elevations because it plays an important role in the construction process, like the ultra modern modern villa design plan will be slightly different from classic.

But what are the villa elevation images? The elevation is a structure as viewed from a specific direction or we can say it shows any side of your villa home design. Like looking down at any side or floor in your house design interior or exterior.

Most exterior and interior designer in dubai are using the 4 dimensional elevation view when they are creating it.

But why is it so important? Because it defines how your luxury house interior design will look like from the inside and outside, you have to keep in mind when you are designing the elevation of each floor to get the best villa design, especially when you have more than one level to get the most amazing one in dubai villa designs.

And give you a deep understanding of where the doors, windows, roofs, and columns will be, too many details? don’t worry MatsMall will help you to set up your luxury villa design from scratch to the turn key, After establishing you have to decide :

Which style do you prefer for interior and exterior design ?

  • Modern
  • contemporary
  • Classic

We will take you in a small trip to define the modern and classic principles you have to take care of when you are designing:

The difference between “modern” and "contemporary"!

First you have to know the difference between “modern” and "contemporary"!

You may ask yourself, is there a difference?! Yes there is, but don’t worry you are not alone, many people have the same misunderstanding.

Contemporary design:

Contemporary design refers to the style of the present days . It's constantly evolving so you can’t keep it up because it will look different after 10 years from now!

Modern design principles :

refers to the specific time period, it’s focused on a simple house interior design and smart function, which is very easy to handle under this style to get the best modern villa designs in UAE.

Clean lines

Focus on straight, clean lines, tidy spaces, and lack of fussiness.

Keep it neutral

Keep colors natural like white, beige, and black, those are the main color palette for much of modern dubai house design and don’t forget to choose natural materials.

Open floor

Try to reduce the number of walls as possible as you can, like an open kitchen providing distinction from a living or dining room.

What are the principles of classic design?

Classic style has many principles we will focus on the most important 5 to get the classic and luxury villa interior design

  • Warm colors like brown
  • Panelled or mahogany walls to enhance classic style
  • High Ceiling
  • Built-In Bookcases
  • Dramatic Window Treatments

If you are just redecorating to get a new villa design again there are small tips to help you to transform any space to look amazing and fabulous, so you have to know the basics of design principles.

So let's take a small brief about the main basics to create a beautiful villa house design:

5 Important design principles:


Balance creates a feeling of equilibrium in the interior design, so you have to make a balance between colors, material, shape and pattern to feel comfy when you are looking anywhere,the balance is just equalizing the visual weight of objects.

There are three different kinds of balance in design:


Formal or traditional spaces means mirrors which means when you split the space in two sides that mirror each other. Like you have the same chair on each side at the same spot, this type is very easy but you have to be careful because it can become boring.


It’s more complex and interesting than the formal balance, here there’s no duplication because the balance here about having any object on the other side not the same, like if you have a sofa here you can balance it with two chair on the other side, so it’s visual weights of lines, texture, forms colors, and textures.


It’s a focal point with other objects around it, like a dining table with chairs around it.


In design it is all about creating a contrast to create a great visual, you can create it by using the same colors and shapes.


If you are searching for feeling restfulness, you have to make the harmony by putting all elements together to create a unified message.

Proportion and Scale

Is keeping the size and ratio between one part to another, For example, a large piece in a small room will be out of scale.


So many details you can’t handle? Don’t worry with MatsMall there’s always a way to design what you need and take all design principles into consideration to make a balance without causing any boring and build a focal point and keep the harmony between the objects..

Here we are !

After knowing the principles of design in general and principles of modern and classic design, we will refresh your mind with the best villa interior design ideas to follow to get the house design villa of your dream.

The most 13 important ideas to redecorate your house villa design:

  1. Mirrors is the best idea for small villa design, because it helps you to make the space feel bigger
  2. Cozy reading spot, if you like reading it will be a great idea for you to set up one.
  3. Redecorate your bookshelf.
  4. Set up a breakfast corner or table.
  5. Decorate your entryway.
  6. Balcony and large framed windows will help you to enjoy your time and allow you to enjoy a comfy seat.
  7. Add sheepskin and fourier to decorate your interior design villa.
  8. Add a canopy to your bedroom to add a palace and royal touch for loyalty.
  9. Add a nature touch everywhere.
  10. Freshen up your furniture through reupholstering
  11. Keep your home tidy and simple.
  12. Lay rugs on the sofa and beds.
  13. Change the footboard with a Bench at the end.

After listing the best ideas for your dream house designs in dubai, we will list best tips you have to take it in consideration when you are designing:

5 Tips for villa exterior design :

  • Build a simple roof design.
  • Adding colors and texture to help to enhance the overall apparel to get the best villa design.
  • Make your villa front design very simple and unique.
  • Design a small garden with a simple decor.
  • Choose colors that match your external house interface.

Finally after listing all principles for interior design for villas neither modern or classic , the most important tips and ideas for interior and exterior design because exterior design is as important as interior design, but if feel a little messy, don’t worry MatsMall will help you to set up the best house designs in dubai by the best professionals designers, contact MatsMall best interior design company in dubai on Whatsapp +971588379190