Design home gardens

MATS Mall designs home gardens and is divided into five sections: pool area, grill area, sitting area, rest area, festival area, and access area. The most important area in the five areas is the access area, the "main facade of the house", and the most important beginning of what is seen in the design, and we always consider the design to be both visible and attractive. We can design a home garden of colorful pebbles, a green carpet with a line of big rocks

Design of villas gardens

We all dream of a green space around our house where we can spend the early hours of the day eating breakfast, but the small Spaces we don't have a chance to create the garden we dream of, but at Mats Mall, we can design gardens in any space that is small or large with some technical touches from the Mats Mall experts, with Mats Mall you can choose what design you want for your garden we just have to do

Home garden arrangement

When designing, MATS takes into consideration the selection of suitable soil and surfaces, as well as how and final view to planting design, interest in garden furniture selection, and reliance on sunlight as the primary source of light in the park. There are many types of gardens that Mats Mall can design, including Islamic gardens, Mediterranean gardens, shack gardens, Shakespeare gardens, kitchen gardens, or potter gardens