Residential Interior Designs

Designs In Your Favorite Style

How to start designing your house?

Planning your steps will give you a clear path for your next step to design your dream home, with the next tips will make the designing process more simple.

Keep it simple

Many people may think that it’s better to design your home in a very showy way to reflect the luxury but it’s totally the opposite. It's better to keep it simple, so you have to determine the main points and the main ideas you want to get your dream home.

Not just for today!

When you are designing your home you have to plan for the future like planning to have children or having and keeping your elderly parents or for example determine a specific area to design your home office or to operate your own business, so the magic key is planning in addition to keeping it very flexible for any updates.

Where is your house?

Your house location will play an important role in house designing, like if you have a home garden you can design your living room in front of it to help you and your family to relax.

- Know the features of each room

Determine the main purpose of each room to avoid exceeding the budget by focusing on the main goal.

- Your home functions and the design flow

Considering the flow of the home design is very important to get the best home function for all family members, by getting the best use of your home space.

- The power of lightning

Lightning has a strong powerful influence on your home decor, in addition to using natural lightning to get the best usage of it.

Can I design my home by myself?

Many people prefer to redesign their home without hiring an interior designer or architect, but if we will start it from scratch it will be more difficult to design it without a guide to advise you and help you to get the best design.

Going to an interior design company in dubai will facilitate everything whether it will be an interior design villa or apartment.

Interior designer will give you villa interior design ideas specially for small spaces.

What are important things you should share with your interior designer?

  • Your budget
  • Your preferred design for interior & exterior
  • Your goals
  • The house plan
  • What do you need to consider before interior designing?
  • Determine your budget
  • Make a schedule and decade a deadline
  • Set and determine your goals
  • Determine each space function

What does interior design include?

Interior designer in dubai plays an important role, he is helping you to give you professional advice for your home interior, the designer will take care of space planning to get the best luxury house interior design.

The main purpose of villa interior design or apartment is to improve the functionality of the space.

6 types of interior designs

This 6 types of interior design styles are the most popular designs:

Traditional interior design style / Classic interior design.

Modern interior design style.

Industrial interior design style.

Contemporary interior design style.

Minimalist interior design style.

Nautical Interior Designing Style.

What things should be taken care of while designing an interior?

To get the luxury villa interior design particularly for large area like halls it's better to choose light flooring color but for rooms you can choose wood to give you a warm feeling

Adding at least one side table to your living room and for sure for your bedroom.

For small thel space the best design is L design for kitchen room or living room.

You may ask yourself what is the most important thing in villa interior design dubai or apartment?

- Keep the Harmony

Think about your home as one picture to keep your home in a Harmony and make a link between your home rooms to get an elegant and magnificent picture.

- Keep the Balance

Keep the balance in your home rooms, there are 3 types of balance: symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial.

- Focal Point

The focal point of your room is the most interesting point of your room, or we can say it’s the main or the center point or in other words we can say it’s the first thing you would notice when entering the room.

Creating a focal point can be a unique piece of furniture or can be more simple than that like contrasting color in your wall.

- Rhythm

It’s simply an organized pattern like the same shape and color in organized movement.

If the functionality in interior designing is very important?

Functionality keeps saving money, time and space, indeed we can make a small conclusion about the usage of the interior villa design and how it can be so useful by choosing the right item or furniture by defining the usage of the room to get the best interior design for villas or place or apartment.

Interior design can help you to save space!

Interior design will help you to get the best usage of the space, space planning can help you to choose the right furniture that will looks great at the right place

negative space what does it mean?

Negative space means the space between your furniture or your decor items, when you decorate or redesign it’s very important to decrease the negative space.

What is the difference between interior design and interior decorating?

Interior decoration can change how your home looks, it can be more attractive with simple touch, more functional in addition to making it more safe.

Interior design is not just redecorating your home, but it’s an art that can change everything, starting with plans for every step, and enhancing the building's strong points.

Most common mistakes when you are designing your home…

  • When you forgot to add plants in your home
  • Don’t avoid using a Vintage furniture
  • If you have staircase don’t forget to decorate it
  • Use the perfect light
  • Choose the right color for your walls
  • Dark color is very interesting color don’t be afraid to use it