Townhouses interior design

Townhouses are a type of residential unit with a small area compared to standalone villas, starting from 200 to 400 meters. Sometimes the number of houses reaches six houses in the same place, and there is one back garden, which makes creating relationships very possible between neighbors.

Learn about townhouses and their features.

What is a Townhouse?

Townhouses are very common in Dubai and the UAE for owners who love broad spaces and green areas due to their reputation for having more than one level, which gives you the expansive space you've always desired. Townhouses are built next to one another in a fairly wide area, making them less private than independent villas. But the price is lower.

Since the eighteenth century, townhouses have been a popular choice for wealthy and affluent people who want additional apartment complexes in the countries where they live.

Why Townhouses are famous in London

Townhouses in London were frequently used as an affordable alternative to provide housing for the working class during the nineteenth century, when townhouses were being built on a large scale in urban areas throughout Victorian Britain.

Townhouses features

While each townhouse has its own advantages, there are some that all units share, such as:

The area varies between 200 and 400 square meters.

They consist of two floors or more.

It has three to four rooms.

At least one master bedroom is present.

There are two bathrooms, at least.

It has a front garden as well as a front door.

What styles does the townhouse design style merge? 

Townhouses frequently have a modern, semi-classical, or contemporary design, as owners prefer to create an environment that is as cozy as possible for family members, wherever it is. To achieve such a relaxing interior design, we advise you to contact MatsMall designers, as they have the required skills to turn your townhouse into a luxurious and welcoming home.

Townhouse common elements and features

Townhouses have some neighbors because they are next to other buildings that are separated by a wall, which is a great choice for social people. They are also less expensive than villas, but you will still get a private home with a chic and elegant design.

The terrace, or balcony, is another one of the townhouse's most significant features.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What does townhouse mean?

Townhouse is a type of residential unit with a small area compared to standalone villas, the space starts from 200 meters up to 400 meters, sometimes the number of houses reaches 6 houses in the same area and there is one back garden, which makes creating relationships very possible between neighbors. 

What is the difference between a townhouse and a villa?

The townhouse differs from the villa in several things, such as the exterior design, where the villa is built on a large land area and has greater privacy, unlike the townhouse, which is characterized by less privacy and a different exterior design as it is designed between a residential complex.

What are the specifications of the townhouse? 

The space varies from 200 square meters to 400 square meters. It consists of two floors. It features 3 to 4 rooms. There is at least 1 master bedroom. There are at least 2 bathrooms. A Sophisticated design overlooking the trees.

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