Check interior designs in your favorite color: Matsmall designs for their clients

Colors is one of the biggest important factors affecting interior or exterior design, and affecting the mood and psychological state according to

  • Warm colors: like red, yellow and orange giving you energy and fun.
  • Cold colors: like blue and green giving you a sense of calm and serenity.

Watch interior designs in your favorite color by clicking on any button of them:

    First: Red

    A strong color can increase your heartbeat and motivate your feelings, so it is not preferred to use it in any room that is intended for relaxation, but you can use it in any place full of movement and fun.

    Second: Green

    A warm and refreshing color that is associated with nature and you can use it anywhere to add a calm feeling and relaxation.

    Third: Pink

    A feminine color that represents sympathy and love, it can be used in children's and teens' bedroom, or to add some sparkle to the dining room.

    Fourth: Blue

    Studies have proven that the blue color has the ability to reduce blood pressure and heartbeat, to create an atmosphere full of peace and comfort, Matsmall expert recommended use it in bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Fifth: Orange

    It has an effect similar to red color, adding vitality and fun to the design.

    Sixth: Brown

    It makes us feel close to the ground and to feel peace and safe.

    Seventh: Black

    It is a strong and bold color that many people don't like to use, but if you mix it with the right colors, it gives you a feeling of sophistication, classy and luxury.

    Eighth: Grey

    It is a very neutral color and therefore its effect depends on the color it is mixed with.

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